Monday, December 7, 2009

can't find a break

Eric had done his best to start out the good news with his mom before Amanda showed up at his mother's apartment. Naturally, she was quite thrilled about him getting Heath's old position. It all worked out quite nicely. He had the qualifications. He was up on all his assessments and certifications. And she was all smiles. It was like he'd given her an early Christmas present.

And then Amanda showed up, baby bump an all. It wasn't exactly something she could hide. She was a tiny thing with something huge. Really, Eric winced so, wondering what he could possibly say to keep it from being an awful blow.

"And...and even more exciting news, Mum." Eric tried to grin, hoping to make it as positive as possible. "You'll be a Gran come February."

He could tell his mom was struggling to keep her smile. She shook Amanda's hand, but she kept looking at Eric as if he'd better explain this. He wanted to say anything but the truth. Like, perhaps she wanted a baby and they'd found themselves down at the sperm donors clinic. He guessed that wouldn't have worked.

"We're friends." Amanda told her. "Just friends." She winced.

"Yes, friends." Eric gritted a smile, but he put his arm around Amanda as if they were in this together. Some how.

"Friends with benefit, evidently." His Mom gave him a glare.

"You might remember Amanda, Mum, she's...she's Kyle's girl-." He'd blurted the wrong thing.

"Yes, I have a daughter, already." Now Amanda was giving him a glare.

Eric winced then. How could he have said that? He so wanted to ask her how it was going with Elliot, but he didn't. He plopped down on the sofa and let his mother talk with Amanda about the predicament and what she could do to help. It was as if he might as well not be there.

Just then his cell buzzed. He got up to reach for it in his pocket and went to his old room to see what this was about. Syd had finally sent a picture of herself.

Eric blinked, taking in her picture. He couldn't believe it. It was really true. He really did love her. He did. He didn't know why, and he knew if he told anyone they'd think he was crazy. Truly, a nutter of some kind.

But he found himself smiling. He was in a state of shock. Even better, she was coming for Christmas.

just so you know who to look for at the airport.

He couldn't wait to meet her. It was like a breath of fresh air to him. He could only hope he wouldn't ruin it. But obviously, she'd like what she'd seen when she saw that photo of him with her cat. Or maybe she just missed Belle.


Graham I. Haynes said...

"She was a tiny thing with something huge."

That's really well written.

♥ from

the oaks said...

Just friends..I do like thier attitude.

Wow, great about Syd coming to visit Eric.

SR@MyStyle said...

Thats a lovely surprise for Eric, hope he has a good Christmas

Ivyoaks said...

Eric is something. I hope all will go OK for him and Amanda too.

Robyn said...

haha I'm glad you liked the vlog~ I can never tell what people are going to think of those things ^^
(the sub-zero-forever temperatures have already started here, believe me...)
..I have an accent? haha :D


gossip girl gone vamps said...

This looks interesting with Syd. Is he sure he juggle all this?

a jacob black tale said...

eric knows how to get into fixes. doesn't he?