Sunday, December 6, 2009

what about Eric

"You know, what I was just thinking," Nick said as he walked along with Heath out in the old towne area. It was brisk out, but it was nice they could hold hands and no one would stop and stare. "If you do find a position, I know you want to quit at the home. Maybe you could talk to Eric. See if he's interested. He'd be perfect."

"You think?" Heath smiled as if it would be a relief to find someone to replace him.

"He definitely wants a job."

"But there's Olivia?" Heath questioned.

"So, I think they are pretty much, over. He's not trying to win her back, you know." Nick told him.

Heath just nodded.

"Whats the matter?" Nick leaned in.

"Nothing, I'm a little stressed." Heath shrugged. "What if I give up this job I have now and find nothing?"

"We'll be OK." Nick winced. He had faith in him. Heath would find something. Hopefully, something he loved.


Robyn said...

haha I'll definatly try to keep warm! (and take loooots of pictures. :D )


fan fic said...

I guess there comes a time you have to have a leap of faith about these things when you get into the real world.

Anonymous said...

~I'm fine. It's getting cold here, too, but it's not snowing.
Keep writing. I love it.

Cait said...

Just what eric needs a job! So does Heath. One he'll love.