Saturday, December 5, 2009


It was progressing so quickly. The student teaching. Heath wasn't sure to be happy or sad these days.

He loved his group. All of them, in fact. He couldn't think of a better experience. He just couldn't wait to quit the job at the home. Really, this was what he wanted to focus on. Not babysitting a bunch of misfits.

"You won't hate me if I quit, will you?" Heath asked Nick.

"Why? What are you talking about?" Nick looked at him with a smile while they were out doing a little window shopping for Christmas.

"I want a teaching job." Heath had decided he'd find himself one. He'd sent in resumes where ever he could think of. He was ready. Seriously. Although, he knew public school might not yet be in store for him. They liked a season teacher. It was the middle of the school year and well, that wouldn't help. He hoped perhaps the school he'd student taught at might put in a good word for him so he could sub, if nothing else.

"Yes, I see that. And you will." Nick gave him a pat of confidence.

"I might have to leave you." Heath's eyes rested on Nick's gaze.

Nick nodded as if he understood, but Heath was afraid he didn't. But he'd have to face that if he got the opportunity to teach.


fan fic said...

I'm glad Nick is so supportive.

cass and cady said...

I hope this will keep them stronger together. Heath is older and Nick has so much he still has to do to get through school. They aren't exactly on the same page in this.

Ivyoaks said...

They really are good together.