Friday, December 4, 2009

coming undone

Eric showed up at Kyle's with a couple of bags of groceries one afternoon when classes were over. Mainly it was fresh fruit and veggies. Stuff that caught his eye that maybe someone could use. They weren't specifically for Amanda or anything. But maybe. He could have called, but he doubted she would have picked up. Really, he had doubts of seeing her. But there she was with Rosie.

"Any word from-" He didn't know if he should say Elliot's name or not.

Amanda shook her head, no.

"Well," this was tough. He'd been banking on her not being there. And they wouldn't have to talk. This was so awkward. "I'm sure he'll come around."

"I think Kyle and Kelsey broke up." She told him as if that was her fault too.

"Really?" He winced. This was bad. Bad for the holidays. So many bad things happening, he felt. "I haven't found a job yet." He sighed. That was a bad reminder too."Sorry. Seems the seasonal stuff is all taken. I should have applied at places back in September or something. I guess." Might as well make this as bleak as possible, he guessed. Everything was just crap, he supposed. He hadn't even heard back from Syd when he sent the picture of him and Belle. Yeah, even that had hit a dead end.

"Things are great for Ellie," Amanda said. "She and Lon have their own place now. Its just a rental, but she seemed happy about it. Guess, they moved in before it snowed or anything."

"The weather's been really mild, lately." He reminded her as if that had to be good news, but it was definitely getting cold now. Snow in the air.

"Yeah, still nice enough for Christmas shopping." She sighed.

"If only I had some money now." He smiled. "But I don't really want anything for Christmas."

"Did you talk to your Mom about all this?" She seriously looked at him.

"No. Not yet." Eric squinted as he went to unload the groceries.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Amanda asked.

Eric's eyes lit. He just stared at the hard apple he was holding for the longest time.

"Sure." He finally nodded. It suddenly felt he was making a trip to hell, and there was no way of avoiding it.


the oaks said...

I think they are trying to help each other with this predicument. Which is great..but I'm sure that won't be easy for Eric when he confronts his mom.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-lets hope they can both be there for each other.

simon n josh said...

I'm glad Amanda wants to help.

cait said...

I'm so glad they are talking.

cass and cady said... has to be done.

Meg said...

Things seem crappy, but I'm glad they are going to do something together.

Anonymous said...

Well I wonder how that will work out between them.