Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The anticipation was over. Eric guessed. But he was scared. Butterflies in his stomach. Syd was arriving any minute at the airport, and he really wasn't sure what might be next. What if she had the worst time ever?

There were so many things he was not going to do. The big one, sleeping with her. Of course, that was going to be kind of hard in a studio apartment. But then it was her place. He guessed. He'd Fabried it and vacuumed as much cat hair as he could possibly find. The dishes were done and the counter wiped down. Perhaps, Roger wouldn't be too upset if he stayed over at their place while Syd was in town. He'd think of something. Maybe. He just didn't know. Everything was so iffy, lately. Like Amanda and Elliot's wedding. Did he go? Should he? Should he not? God, the thought of explaining it all to Syd. Did she really need to know, yet?

He thought he might pass out with all the worry and excitement. Eric looked at his watch. He closed his eyes, hoping she was the one. Hoping it would click into place. But the more he waited, he thought she'd hate him. She'd think he was not her type at all. They'd have nothing in common. But then he looked up and saw her with her honey brown hair. She wasn't as tall as he imagined which was OK. Perhaps not as tiny as Ellie, but she looked so confident. He swallowed back the threat that she might be too confident for him.

"Syd." He said, not to loud, but she looked his way, then a mass of people walked by and he felt he'd been swept away from her. "Syd!" He waved. Finally after the crowd drifted through he could get to her.

She was all smiles then. She gave him a hug right away which he wasn't expecting. It was as if they had known each other a very long time. He wasn't nearly as nervous as he thought he'd be.

"Wow, you're..you're so tall." She might have winked.

"I don't think I'm that tall." He shrugged.

"Yes, you are." She jabbed with her fingers playfully in his ribs. "But I can still do that." And she left it at that as she turned to walk toward where the bag check would be. She looked back at him and grabbed his hand. Eric was kind of shocked, but a nice surprise.

"So how was your flight?" He asked as they edged through the crowd.

"Actually, I slept most of the way." She shrugged. "So I should be awake, all night."

"Good." Eric wasn't sure he was planning on an all nighter. "Are you hungry?"

"Kind of." She nodded. "There's this little bistro in the old market I'd love to go to, but I don't mean to, you know, well..."

"No, I think I know the one you mean." They talked about the place. Eric liked it. It would be nice to have a table instead of being tucked away by the kitchen door. They liked the same places to eat. So they sat down on a bench and talked about all the places they would go.

"Then there's my Mom's." He nodded. "Christmas."

"Duh, yeah, oh I have to get you something." She looked at him, she held his hand, and this felt good. Remarkable comforting. He would try his best not to move this too fast. He had to savor every tiny moment because she would be leaving to go back the day after Christmas.

"That's OK, really you shouldn't." He said about the present.

"But I do. I want to. If they'd only let me bring stuff on the plane. OK, I actually, did make you something, but I'm afraid to give it to you." She smiled.

"What is it?"

"I can't tell you."

"Then I can't tell you what I got you, either." He tried his hardest not to smile, but she got it out of him. He was so happy. If only this feeling could last forever.


Anonymous said...

so sweet. I really liked this conversation :)

Emerald said...

Hee hee that's cute. :)
I've totally felt like that sometimes.
Thanks for that. Really. :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have been up all night. I am suffering from (hopefully) temporary insomnia.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-really hope this is the start of something good for both of them!!

the oaks said...

This was sweet. I'm happy for Eric.

cass and cady said...

Yeah, I'm hoping it goes well.

a jacob black tale said...

I hope Eric will do the right thing.

fan fic said...

I hope this is going to be good for the both of them. =D.