Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a phone call

"Don't hang up! Please!" It was Ian on Olivia's cell. Just what she needed. Finally all her presents wrapped and under the tree in the livingroom, and he calls as the microwave beeped as her mocha coffee was ready.

"How did you get my number?" She should hang up now, she thought.


Olivia knew she hadn't given him her new number.

"See, Eric got it from Ellie and, and I swore to him I would not text you, or anything. I just thought you should know, I'm going to start school, here, and..and I'm not trying to stalk you or anything. I met someone."

"Oh really?" A likely story, she supposed.

"Yeah, her name Cami. I met her at Thanksgiving and its been great." He told her.

"You moved all the way here from Canada just to be with someone you met at Thanksgiving?" Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Well, there is this other reason."

Now she could hear it coming. She sighed.

"I want my Dad to get back together with Eric's Mom."

"What? That could back fire, Ian. You don't need to be playing cupid." She informed him.

"I'm not. I just know, that I've never seen my dad happier than he is, when he's around Eric's Mom. He doesn't laugh like that when, well, before, when he thought he'd met the love of his life online. That didn't work so well. And I know its not fake when he's with Eric's Mom. And you know, she's just a mom and well, I kind of miss having one. So she said I could stay. He's coming for Christmas. And I know it'll be a good one because, well, it really feels like Christmas."

"Just don't get your hopes up, Ian." She felt a little sad yet happy for him.

"I know, but I was wondering, if you and Roger are in town, maybe we could all do something. I'd kind of like for you two to meet Cami," Ian said.

"All right." Olivia answered. She guessed it was the least she could do. She had to wonder if he was wanting a gift too. She'd have to think if she could make him something, too. All of her gifts were homemade this year.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-that would be great for all of them to get together!

Winnie said...

I love homemade gifts, they're definitely extra special and so nice that Olivia is taking the extra time to make them!

the oaks said...

I love the idea of homemade gifts!

fan fic said...

good that ian explained himself.