Thursday, December 24, 2009

who are you when I'm gone

This was about par for the course, Kyle thought when he found out from the neighbor that a fuse had gone out. She needed help. At least it was something to take his mind off his little angry moment with Kelsey.

She'd shown up just an hour ago with presents for him. It was just he and Rosie. No one else. His folks were out at a party.

"Here you go." She was all smiles. A gift for him. Nothing for Rosie. For the first time, he knew how she really felt about Rosie. Kelsey didn't care about his daughter in the least. He shoved the gift right back at her.

"I don't want it." He hoped she hadn't expected anything because he didn't get her anything.

"But," she looked hurt.

"I thought we were over." He winced. "You haven't called. Haven't said nothing to me." He gave her the stare down.

"But, but you started it." Her face was full of emotion.

"Did I? Really?" He shook his head.

He somehow had found something to be happy about this Christmas with Amber, and it had nothing to really do with romance. They were friends. She actually talked to him on the phone. She had made him tuna when he stopped by, and he'd helped her in the barn with the chickens. He was going to get through Christmas without Kelsey.

She threw his present right into his chest. It stung him so. He didn't even catch it.

"How can you do this to me!" She yelled at him. "Its Christmas!"

"Yeah, its Christmas." He said as he showed her to the door.

Now, he was checking the fuse box at the neighbors. Mrs. Allright had Rosie upstairs feeding her a sugar cookie. He twisted in the fuse and there was light. Just then, his cell rang. It was Amber.

"You can make it to midnight mass, can't you?" She asked.

"Yeah, guess so."

"My Mom's hoping you bring Rosie." She sounded excited.

"Good, looks like I'll have too."  Kyle told her, he clicked off his phone. He smiled looking forward to it.

Yeah, you got me to forget me - ali iraheta

Kelsey thought she had a good idea. She could still win Kyle back if she got Nick to talk to him for her. She went straight over, not even thinking it was Christmas Eve. She was so upset. How could Kyle have thought they were finished? They weren't. They couldn't be. This was his fault not hers.

Of course, when she got there, no one was home but Rex.

"Yeah, some Christmas." He rolled his eyes as if everyone had left him. "Nick's spending it with Heath and my parents said they wanted to help out with some soup kitchen. Not my way of spending a holiday. I told them, hell no, I wouldn't go. Its like the worst Christmas ever." He was in a huff, already. Kelsey wasn't sure what to say.

"So what did you bring me?" He gave her a silly grin.

"Nothing." She winced, but he showed her in, and she didn't have any place to go. He plopped down next to her on the cough.

"So how you been?" He looked at her as if he wanted to know everything. He poured her some red wine. "You look upset, maybe this will help."

She looked into the wine glass, hesitating. But she took a big gulp then as if maybe this was just what she needed.

He smiled and pushed her thick dark hair out of her eyes.

"Nick is just a stupid shit, you know that?" Rex grinned. "He should have never given you up, but then he is a fag and you know, that's just sick, if you ask me." He winced so happily as if he might be a little drunk himself. But he drank more. So did she as if she wouldn't feel quite complete if she didn't join him. He was his laid back self. In his flannel pants and barefooted. Just in a black wife beater. He put his arm out on the couch. Closing in, ever so smoothly, before she even knew it. He poured her another drink.

She was getting so warm. A natural smile emerged as he breathed her in with a kiss. She barely got the wine glass back on the coffee table. His fingers found what was beneath her T-shirt as he kissed her as if he knew her so well. Better than Kyle would ever know. Especially, more so, than Nick could.

"Are you my Christmas present this year?" He breathed in her ear.

Kelsey laughed so lightly. Maybe she was.


SR@MyStyle said...

Lets hope Kelsey and Kyle both have a good time!!

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

the oaks said...

I gotta wonder what might happen to Kelsey.

a degrassi fan fic said...

Rex is so bad. Heheeee.

past the point said...

Rex could really mess Kelsey up.

Cait said...

That Rex has to be no good.