Friday, December 25, 2009

Peace, Hope and Joy

Christmas felt odd this year to Ellie. Perhaps it was because she definitely wasn't home for Christmas. Instead, she had her own family this year, and it was quiet and well, kind of sad yet not.

They'd spent Christmas eve with Roger and Olivia. They'd had a dinner. Even Eric was there with his new found friend, the owner of his cat. It was a rather small occasion. Nick was off with Heath. She supposed they'd made up.

Really, it was sweet. All the trouble Olivia had gone too. Olivia had made her and Lon matching pajama pants out of an old striped sheet. The details were beautiful with the baby blue ribbons. She'd given them a gift basket of soaps and lotions. Really, Ellie cherished the gift. She hoped Olivia and Roger were forgiving. She'd just given them a gift certificate to the movie theater that might get them in on a matinee, minus the popcorn and drinks.

It had been a crazy holiday time. Her Mom rushed off to see about her great Aunt who had a stroke, the day she and Lon flew back from Texas. Ellie was a bit mad at herself that she hadn't made an effort to see her great aunt when she was in Texas, but the wedding had been such a rush, there was no way she could get away. And her mother was furious with her.

Honestly, everything was a bit overwhelming, but she was determined to not let it get the best of her. Perhaps she would try this new year to enjoy things more. She would try. As it was her Dad had helped them out on getting the marriage license. Really, things were where they should be, she thought. She was growing up and a little of herself hated that fact, but still, everything was evolving, and she had to evolve too.

Charlie made everything alive, with his little stomp. How he'd suddenly decided when he was mad to bang his head on a pillow. He actually used two pillows when he was sleepy. He'd drag one out to crawl into and use the other for his head. He liked to get next to the tree and lay down when he was tired to watch the lights.

"We might have to keep the tree up all year." Lon chuckled about it on Christmas morning.

"We should just move the lights to his room." Really, the tree had to come down because, she didn't completely trust Charlie when it was the two of them. Naturally, he behaved so much better when Lon was around. Not that he was evil, by any means. Just a little mischief. He could climb. He loved chocolate. So many things he loved to put in his mouth. He was definitely a full-time job.

So here they were being lazy on Christmas morning watching Charlie take the ornaments off the Christmas tree. He'd already watched Lon rip through presents.

Then Ellie's cell rang. It was Kelsey.


Olivia had just got off the phone with her Mom. Of course, Christmas was yesterday in the Philippines. They were cordial enough. Her Mom promised she'd spend some time with her in January. As she put it, "You can celebrate Christmas all year long!" Naturally, it got a bit preachy about how her nature should be about the joy of Christmas. Olivia kept smiling as she heard her mother lecture. Really, everything was fine. And Roger  kept staring at her and asking silly questions like "What?" while taking her picture with his new digital camera.

He'd gotten a surprise too. Cory had called him. He was in town and wanted them to all get together for dinner, later next week. He wanted Roger to meet his new boyfriend. Roger had acted so cool on the phone, but now Olivia detected that he hated the thought of meeting Cory and his new boyfriend. So to get his mind off of it, he kept taking pictures of Olivia while she was on the phone.

She kept feeding him sweet rolls she'd heated up, and she got in a laugh to of taking silly pictures of him. They were going to dinner at his Dad's.

Her cell rang and she expected it would be Ian, by chance, but it wasn't. It was Ellie.

"So how's your Christmas?" Ellie started.

"You know, silly," Olivia smiled, as she went to clean the breakfast dishes. "Just the way I like it. We finally opened the box from Roger's Mom and he got a camera. So beware. He's like crazy. Its one of those fancy ones that Ashton Kutcher is always messing with in those commercials."

"Lucky," Ellie said. "I'm surprised that wasn't on Lon's list. He just got one of those Flip cameras from his parents, so he can record Charlie any second. Look, I didn't call just to chat about Christmas."

"Really?" Olivia scrubbed on a dish.

"I got a call from Kelsey, and she sounded weird." Ellie told her.

"How weird?" Olivia winced.

"She says I'm the only person she can talk to and that I'm her very best friend," Ellie said. "When did that happen? I mean, we never ever talk. I don't know what's going on."

"Well, did she talk about it? You know, her and Kyle?" Olivia rinsed the dishes then as she kept the phone next to her ear.

"No." Ellie sighed. "I don't even know what she wanted. I know she's still mad at him. Maybe she wants me to talk to him, you know."

"Hard to say." Olivia shrugged as she dried her hands and took her phone in her hand that had been cradled at her neck.

"God, this is going to bother me for the rest of the day, you know that. I think she was crying and, and I didn't know what I was suppose to say. I'm not even sure if she was at home, either."

"Sounds mysterious." Olivia remembered the thing with Cory. "Oh, are you guys busy anytime next week?" There was Amanda's wedding to think about, as well.

"Don't think so."

"Want to come and see Cory, he's in town. He wants Roger to meet his new boyfriend, and I think Roger needs people around him. I can only do so much." Olivia bit a smile.

"Sure, sure, I'd love to see him." Ellie told her.

"Hope you figure this thing out about Kelsey," Olivia said.

"Thanks again for the sweetest gift. We love it." Ellie thanked her. "You know, if anyone is my best friend, its you, Olivia."

Olivia smiled with warmth. "Well, I feel the same about you." She hung up and she thought of  Roger. He was still her best friend, too.


a jacob black tale said...

That's sweet they are good friends. I do hope Ellie finds out more about whats going on with Kelsey.

a degrassi fan fic said...

woo..thats rather mysterious about Kelsey.

Ivy's closet said...

Merry Christmas!

simon n josh said...

Hope you're having a yule tide time.

I want to find out more about Kelsey and Rex.