Thursday, December 31, 2009

the good and the bad

Kelsey didn't know she could possibly feel this cold on the inside.

Sure, the snow kept coming down softly. Now it was windy. She had no business going anywhere. And she didn't.

She hadn't heard from Rex, either.

Oh, he'd had his fun on Christmas eve. She thought she had to. Then. Not now. Now, she wasn't sure how she felt about him. He wasn't taking her phone calls. Text. Nothing. It took her all day of Christmas to figure out he was just using her. Wasn't he?

She kept telling herself, he wasn't like that. It didn't feel that way when they were together. He was so..well, nothing like Nick. Granted, Nick was sweet and always there to listen. He didn't try to be loverboy with her. He was good and she always felt he really liked just the kissing. Nothing else.

Rex was very convincing. It was as if he had it down so cool and sexy and well, he wanted sex. And he'd gotten her drunk enough that he'd even driven her home and he'd been in her bed til almost Christmas morning.

She thought he'd been caring then, but now, she wasn't so sure. He'd given her the cold shoulder since then. It was as if was just a dream. A dream she could forget. But she hadn't. She was consumed with him now. And nothing made her feel any better.

"You are coming to your grand parent', aren't you?" Her mother had asked the day after Christmas.

Kelsey told her she was sick.

"It might be the flu," she said even if she didn't have a fever her throat was so raw. She'd cried so much. "I just don't want to chance it, Mom." So she stayed home alone.

She'd felt so numb. No way was Kyle going to talk to her now. She felt so drained. She couldn't eat. Couldn't sleep. She knew she'd never hear from Rex again.

But then he showed up on her doorstep on New Year's eve. Her parents were still out of town.

"Hey, you," he was all grins. "Sorry, the rents have been a bitch, all week. I wanted to call you. I did."

She hated the fact that she was happy to see him. But she was. There was no one else. Just Rex.

She let him in and he kissed her as if he'd really missed her too. And as soon as he found out her parents were away, he definitely made himself at home.

There were so many questions she wanted to bother him with, but she didn't. Not when he was here and so ready to make her feel as if she were the only one he cared about. She supposed she'd have to get used to his ways. It wasn't that Rex was all bad.


SR@MyStyle said...

Why is it girls love the bad boys, LOL! She should watch out and not give her heart out totally.
Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous 2010 my dear!!

ellie said... true..about those bad boys. Thanks for the note. Wishing you a great new year too.

Winnie said...

Well I hope things work out!! Sharon's right, girls LOVE bad boys! Must be the idea that girls can tame their wild ways!

Meg said...

Oh dear! I think she should stay away from him! She won't be able to change him.

elliestories said...

He would be back!