Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mixed emotions

First a wedding and now a dinner, out with Cory.

Honestly, Olivia was glad Lon and Ellie had came along. Charlie had stayed with Ellie's Dad and wife. They kept Rosie too, so Kyle and Amber could come along. It felt like a late holiday dinner. Olivia supposed Roger would be all right. She hoped. But she wasn't sure how he might act. Possibly, hyper, but as it was he was very low-key and rather mature which startled her.

"Wasn't Amanda and Elliot's wedding fun?" Olivia made conversation with Ellie. She wasn't sure what to say to Amber, but to ask how Nick and Heath were.

"I think they are better than good now," Amber said about Heath and Nick. She talked about how excited Nick was about starting classes at the college nearby where she lived and how he was going to live at her parents. "He's staying in Heath's old room."

"Wow," Olivia sighed thinking how he'd upped and moved out so suddenly. Now four people had left the house. She looked at Roger who tensed the moment he saw Cory who arrived with someone, evidently special.

Roger cleared his throat.

"Are you OK?" She asked. He only had iced water to drink, and he downed a good bit of that. "You know that guy?"

"Yeah," Roger could barely say. "Its Demetri."

"Demetri?" Olivia winced thinking the name sounded familiar. "Was he the guy you mentioned about asking him if he were interested in moving in?"

Roger slightly nodded.

"Oh." Olivia didn't know what else to say. She turned to Ellie then. "Have you heard from Kelsey?"

"No, I left her a couple of messages, but she hasn't returned any of them." Ellie told her.

"I hope nothing is wrong." Olivia looked back at Roger knowing he was too stunned to say anything. She held his hand with both hands now. Hopefully, he was going to be OK about Cory and Demetri.

"What?" Roger looked at her and then her hands holding his. He didn't budge a bit.


cait said...

That would have been a shock. Especially, if he was thinking of letting Demetri move in.

Meg said...

Wow, that would be a shock!

cass and cady said...

wow..for demetri..but some taking to getting used too.

the oaks said...

At least, Roger's not completely alone.