Tuesday, December 29, 2009

above and beyond

It was a party as far as Roger was concerned. They'd all showed up for this short ceremony next to the banquet hall at the church where Elliot's cousin pastored.

Roger had no idea Elliot was from such a religious back ground. There were all these ministers in his family. It was as if Elliot was the only one who wasn't.

The ceremony its self was in what looked like a livingroom, perhaps fake with a window and fake fireplace, was picture perfect. And Amanda did look all picture perfect as if she could be in spring time instead of dead of winter.

Of course, no alcohol was involved. Just cake and punch and a few fancy snacks along with a table for presents. It was all so quaint. Not terribly fancy, and the whole gang was here. Except for Kelsey.

"I didn't know they broke up." Roger felt he'd been left out of the loop as he questioned Olivia while he was stuffing his face with sausage crescent rolls.

"Shh.." Olivia glared back for him to keep quite.

Kyle was with Amber, and she was helping him with Rosie who was dressed all in red velveteen.

"That's Heath sister, huh?" It looked like Kyle had hit it off with her. She had a sweet smile and Kyle looked as if he were addicted to it.

"Yeah, aren't they cute together." Olivia told him that Roger should snap a picture of the three of them. So he did.

Roger looked over at Eric who wasn't alone, he'd brought along Ian who had a date, Cami. For a tiny wedding, there was practically a crowd.

Ian introduced Roger and Olivia to Cami who was all smiles. Roger looked at Olivia. Seriously, he didn't feel jealous with Ian around. He just wished he could have talked more to this mysterious Syd of Eric's who had already gone back to Boston.

"So how was it? You and Syd?" Roger wanted to know.

"Really, can't wait to see her again." Eric was all grins. Roger suspected he got lucky, but didn't say anything about the matter. "Hopefully, next time we can do more with you guys."

Roger gave him an open grin. They clinked their glass punch cups. Perhaps this was going to be the start of a good year for both of them. He knew they could be friends, again.


Winnie said...

Oh I wonder what the new year will bring??

I hope you have a good one too!

ellie said...

thanks so much for the note, winnie, wishing you a great new year!

Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad roger is going to be friends with certain people again..

the oaks said...

sounds very quaint..even on a cold winter's day.

Robyn said...

haha thanks ^^ Yah I wouldn't recommend buying one of those~ I don't think you can improve on a knife to much~