Monday, December 28, 2009

in the air

The day had arrived and the snow was blowing.

"Its definitely a white wedding," Elliot informed Amanda.

"Isn't it bad luck to see me on your wedding day?" She'd asked him first thing when they got up.

"Yeah, our luck, we can't even make it to the church." But he looked out on the drive way, and there Kyle was shoveling snow. "Were, you expecting him to do that?" He winced.


"We better make him breakfast."  He was on his way down to start the coffee.

She guessed he was right. She went ahead and got changed to make some scrambled eggs and bacon. Soon Elliot went out to tell Kyle he needed to come in before he froze to death.

"Thanks Kyle, we just might get through this day yet." Elliot smiled and looked up at Amanda as if she'd have to sit between them in their small eat in kitchen.

Kyle was quiet though. Amanda didn't know what else to say but to ask how Christmas went. She'd been too busy to call. She assumed since there were no phone calls everything was fine with Rosie.

He told him it was great. He mentioned Amber. "I invited her to the wedding."

"Great," Amanda was glad there was someone. "She sounds really sweet. And you guys went to mid-night mass?" She was a little shocked, but interested in this Amber who was his Nick's boyfriend's sister.

"And, and I think Nick is moving in with them." Kyle told her.

"He's moving in with Heath's family?" Amanda guessed Nick was moving away, but somehow he'd be near. So many things changing and yet still the same. Maybe. It gave her a good feeling. She hoped this Amber was special. Rosie had hit it off with Amber and her family.

"I want to see Rosie before the wedding," Amanda said. "I don't think I'll be wearing makeup today, because I know I'll cry. It'll start when I see her. Probably all through the wedding, too."

Elliot squeezed her hand. She was already in tears. But it wasn't that she was sad, but happy.


simon n josh said...

That was sweet of kyle.

the oaks said...

Almost wedding time.

selena st.john said...

the beginning made me smile.
I'm really loving the story. :)
i think i'm going to follow.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-hope everything goes well for them.