Thursday, January 28, 2010

chain reaction

Kyle hadn't made it to Ellie's wedding. He'd been with Amber, actually she was playing a basketball game. Funny, he hadn't thought at all about it. Really, it was so sudden and witnessing Amanda's wedding was enough. He just wasn't up for another one, he guessed. Even so, he'd gotten them a little something with  help from Amber. A basket of goodies.

"I hope you're not upset with me," Kyle shrugged when he dropped off the present at Ellie and Lon's. In fact, it was the first time he'd been there, and he gave it a nod. He liked Lon. She'd found a pretty good dude. Not at all what he'd expected. Thank god.

There was just a twinge of regret. He guessed, that she hadn't waited for him. She was never going to wait for him now. There was a time, he might a pulled a fit about that. Not that she'd know. She'd never know. And well, he wasn't the greatest guy in the world, but then again, weren't we all flawed.

"I'm not upset with you," Ellie said as she took the gift and undid the ribbons to find a basket full of towels and wash clothes along with soaps and shampoos.

"Amber figured you could always use this some time. If not now. Later." He shrugged.

"Its lovely, that was sweet of her to think it." Ellie smiled. "So how are you and Amber?"

She had chocolate fondue and lots of treats to dip into it.

"Fine." He took a banana wedge and dipped into the chocolate sauce and popped it in his mouth.

"Is that all you can say about her?" Ellie winced with a nudge that after all, they were siblings. Practically.

"She's like no one else I ever met." Which was true. She was kind hearted, sweet, she loved animals, and a soft spot for anything she'd get her hands on from Bright Eyes.

"And?" Ellie slightly glared as if he hadn't said enough.

"I-I am taking it slow." He nodded, not wanting a disaster to happen.

"You will be taking her to the Valentine's dance, won't you?" She meant at his school.

He nodded dipping something else in the chocolate.

"What about at her school?" Ellie questioned.

"I dunno." He squinted as if was no big deal.

"You better find out. Don't leave her hanging. Be the boyfriend you can be." She told him.

Kyle choked almost on a strawberry then. He hadn't thought of himself as the boyfriend, yet.


Emerald said...

Hey El, thanks for the comment, great to hear from you again too! :D

Audrey Allure said...

great blog!

the oaks said...

Its funny how Kyle had once wanted things to go with Ellie too. I still like him.


now is real...

Anonymous said...

Well that's dumb...he should've went to the wedding :p

Meg said...

I hope the idea of being a boyfriend doesn't scare Kyle off.