Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what about Kip

Syd had wanted to call Eric right away when she got home. She actually did, but then when she got on the phone with him, suddenly, it came to her realization.... What was she doing with him? Really? Naturally, she had Kip to turn too. She'd met him in rehab. He was kind of like a sponsor, she guessed. Well, in the beginning. She was quite fond of him, but perhaps not as fond of him as he was of her. She sometimes, wondered. Honestly, she felt for him like a brother. She tried her best to convince him of this, but he seemed to be... always waiting for her. He was there when she got home. After all, he hadn't wanted her to go through any of this alone. He was, after all, her roommate. How else could she afford to live here.

Really, her parents weren't  too concerned about he,r much anymore. She had Kip to look out for her. He was friendly enough. He cooked. He took her everywhere. But it was suffocating. It was true. A little of Kip could go a long way. So many questions. Half the time, she felt he was trying to convince her of something, or someone. He wanted her to depend on him.

And when she saw the picture, Eric had sent of himself, it was like this surprise had happened. She wanted Eric. She did. Even more startling, she imagined what if she had own. Just like him. She'd never thought of children before. She'd always said she wouldn't. Never. And then suddenly Eric had changed everything with one snap shot. Then she met him, and it was better than she'd even hoped.

But there was Kip to think about. If only, he'd let her think for herself.


simon n josh said...

There might be a problem.

the oaks said...

Kip looks interesting.

cait said...

I wonder what Kip we'll do when he finds out about Eric?????

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-Syd definitely needs to regain her own sense of independence from Kip.

Anonymous said...

I want Syd and Eric. Screw Kip, even if he is nice to her.