Thursday, January 14, 2010

food, comfort and talk

The roast beef was quite savory even if Lon had made it. He smiled at the results. Quite perfect for a winter's day.

It was nice to have Roger and Olivia over. There first dinner together. Here. It felt a bit official, but Lon guessed it wasn't. He liked having dinners. He really did. It was satisfying to him. And he was beginning to think he might just go to cooking school. Some day.

"Well, you really should." Olivia told him.

"Yeah, you'd be great." Roger chimed in as they got into the meal.

Lon couldn't help but beam about it.

'Its just, it would be quite an undertaking with work and everything." He sighed. "I've started and stopped so many different majors. I just don't know."

"Maybe this time it would be different." Ellie told him.

"So how are those new roommates working out?" Lon thought he should change the subject.

"I dunno, its different." Roger looked at Olivia then.

"I can't believe he let Liz move in." Olivia rolled her eyes.

"Maybe, she just needs friends. Her sister come over a lot with Ravi there?" Ellie looked at them then as she went to give more mashed potatoes to Charlie who was being as messy as possible.

"Uh, I don't think Liz talks to Bridget much and Ravi is kind of taking a break from her. I guess." Roger shrugged.

"I haven't seen her in ages." Olivia said about Bridget.

"That's so strange." Lon said.

"Well, just because your sisters doesn't mean you always get a long." Ellie looked at Lon. "My sister didn't even send me a Christmas card this year."

Lon didn't comment but dug into the meal with the homemade biscuits he'd made. Really, this cooking school thing was making him hungry to go back to school. He didn't want to work outdoors forever. Especially, in brutal winters like this one.


Ivyoaks said...

Lon should go to cooking school.

the oaks said...

interesting about sisters in this.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-yep, cooking school is a great idea, he should go for it!!

Holly said...

I wish I had a neighbor like cook dinners like that.

Jen said...

I agree about cookery school! :)