Friday, January 15, 2010

like old times

It felt peculiar to be in Nick's bed on the phone with him, thought Ravi.

"So you miss me, do you?" Ravi grinned thinking if he were ever gay he would have been the best boyfriend Nick ever had and he would be here now and not off trying to prove something, he guessed about wanting to be with Heath.

"Of course, I do." Nick assured him. "Sorry what happened with you and Bridget. Didn't see that one coming."

"Yeah, its OK." He wanted to put it behind him. He'd spent far too much time investing into this so called relationship they had. He almost failed a class or two just going to all this LARP stuff with her. It was ridiculous when he thought about it now. Even if she were the first girl who ever actually wanted to be with him. He guessed it hadn't been enough in the end. As it was, he was back on track. He was staying focused. He was back to being Ravi. Taking his obscure photos of simple things no one else would find art in. Maybe he was just suppose to be solo Ravi. That guy that you invited over for the holidays because you knew he wouldn't eat much, and he'd make small talk about anything, but enjoyed a deep conversation when one might pop up.

"I wish you'd come up sometime, you know. We could hang out. Play video games, you know." Ravi then said.

"I would, but I'm working too. Maybe you'll have to come down and see me." Nick told him.

"Really? Seriously?" Ravi smiled. It was the best offer he'd heard in a very long time.


Solo said...

This is a nice conversation bet Ravi and Nick. I'd better do some catching up on this :D

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past the point said...

Aw, I feel bad for Ravi..all alone.

Holly said...

Ravi and Nick are good friends.

the oaks said...

ravi is so sweet.