Sunday, January 31, 2010

Has to be

Ian was getting an inkling that people were starting to expect something that he wasn't. Well, the girls liked listening to his accent. Then someone asked him if he were an alcoholic one day during lunch at school.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Honestly, he didn't like alcohol. He didn't like what it did to his mum. He swore he'd never touch it. He would never let something like that have control over him. Naturally, it made him mad when someone asked that. But they just assumed since he'd been raised in England, he'd have a complete different standard when it came to drinking.

"Just don't let it bother you." Cami told him. She was happy he didn't drink. She'd seen alcohol ruin her own parent's marriage. "You're much stronger, than you know."

He just smiled. She always had a way of making everything positive. Of course, this boyfriend stuff was still new to him. But if he didn't think about what he was suppose to do, he was fine. And he liked that. He liked that Cami would let him talk to her about anything. Possibly, they talked a lot. Yet, he really felt they were on the right track. School. Homework. Hanging out.

Of course, he was still worried about his Dad who'd gone back to Canada.

"Have you heard from him, lately?" He'd ask Eric's Mom.

"Have you?" She'd smile.

"Well, yeah." His dad practically called every night. "I just thought, maybe..." He wanted her to fill in the blank but she wouldn't. She'd go on with what she was doing. It was as if she had no expectations of him, and it made him sad that she didn't. He wanted them to fall in love, again.

"Why is this taking so long?" He had to wonder what Cami thought about the matter.

"You have to let them figure it out. You can't do it for them." Cami informed him.

"I know." Ian had a feeling he'd done too much, already. Deciding to come here. He just had to live with the way things were. But there was a part of him that wanted them (his dad and Eric's mom) together. There had to be way. There had to be.


Meg said...

Cami seems like a nice girl. Ian has to just let him dad and Eric's mom work things out for themselves.

fan fic said...

I'm glad he met Cami.

holly said...

Sounds like she's a good influence.