Sunday, January 24, 2010

thinking back

Cory felt kind of sad when Demetri told him Ellie got married.

"Married?" It didn't seem possible. "How?" It hadn't even donned on him that she was even seeing anybody.

"Olivia was in at the grocery store. She said it was just one of those justice of the peace kind of things." Demetri was busy making dinner for the two of them. A big salad.

"You think she had to get married?" Cory felt a twinge of guilt being out of the loop. He was in the same town now, and he didn't even see his friends from high school.

Demetri just smiled.

"Maybe she wanted to get married." He left it at that.

Cory shook his head. He'd lost track. But part of it had to do with Roger. He felt he had to give up his friendship with Ellie and even Eric. Then there was Nick. He thought they'd always be close. Some how.

"And Nick's got a boyfriend," Cory winced as he went to set the table in their little apartment. "I definitely didn't see that coming."

"You didn't?" Demetri set down the salad and bowls of tomato soup. "I guess I know him differently from you."

"I dunno. It was a shock when I found that out." Cory shrugged.

Demetri just nodded and they started in on dinner. They were quiet for a while and Cory was tempted to call Roger, but didn't. It was better to leave well enough alone. Especially, with him. He'd clearly moved on and so had Cory who was happy with Demetri even if it hadn't been an over night romance.

They were a friend of a friends that had met a party once and had talked. Just talked. They saw each other again at a mutual friend's dinner and Demetri had mentioned how he'd had a crush on someone, and he was waiting to see if anything might happen. It was later Cory figured out that crush was Roger, but Cory never mentioned it. Finally, they found each other at a club and that's when they'd hit it off and they'd been seeing each other ever since. Well, not as often as Cory liked, but now that they lived together, everything was better. Except, wondering what he'd missed out with old friends.

"You should call Eric." Demetri said while they were cleaning up.

"You think so?" He hadn't thought of that.

"He'd talk to you." Demetri chuckled. "He loves to talk."

"Eric?" He didn't remember him talking that much. Sure, they used to hang out and listen to music, but that was a long time ago.

"He'd tell you the low down, about all your friends." Demetri smiled as he rinsed a dish while Cory dried.

"I guess I'll have to give him a call." Cory shrugged.

"We could invite Roger and Olivia over sometime." Demetri suggested.

"No, no, that's all right." Cory shook his head. He knew he made Roger uncomfortable, and Olivia was the last person he ever expected to see Roger with, even if possibly she was good for him. He'd call Eric if he called anybody he'd gone to high school with.


Anonymous said...

Liked the conversation, I have to admit I was surprised when Ellie got married...and the fact Nick has a boyfriend.

a degrassi moment said...

aw, sweet Cory. He's really good..even if he did dump Roger. I hope he can rekindle his friendship with them.

the oaks said...

Its good to read about Cory. I've missed him.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might like to know that you've been honored on :

You are blogger of the Month! Congratulations!

Winnie said...

I think Cory is sweet and it's obvious that he misses his old friends. Maybe it's time to reunite and catch up?

Ailee Verzosa said...

awh... Cory's back and he's too kind and sweet...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Saw the sidebar! That's so cool! Did you make that or find it or something? That is amazing!

Also, nice profile picture :) Is that a character in the ellie story?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Saw the sidebar! That's so cool! Did you make that or find it or something? That is amazing!

Also, nice profile picture :) Is that a character in the ellie story?

Meg said...

He should call Eric and meet up with his old friends!