Saturday, January 23, 2010

cupcake wedding

Ellie hadn't said it. Olivia was proud of herself to get so much taken care of on such a short noticed. Ellie supposed she was determined to make this a success. "You really shouldn't have," Ellie hadn't wanted such a feast, after all they'd only gone to the justice of the peace. Even so, she'd worn the white sweater dress that she'd worn to Lonnie and Steph's wedding. It was something white. Of course, she'd worn white leggings too and snowboots. Possibly, there was nothing romantic about that. But in these wintry conditions well, it didn't seem to matter. And then to have someone go to the trouble to have a feast afterwards, Ellie wasn't sure how she could repay them. "Well, your Dad and Step-mom helped." Olivia was all grins about that. She said she mainly was the one who got the stuff and put it out for everyone to eat. Still Ellie was shocked that everything had turned out so well.

"Are you ready to do this all over again this summer in Texas?" Lon seemed as if he was ready to do it all over again, anytime.

"Again?" She smiled. She supposed she could if he wanted. Although, she didn't know if they really had too. Wasn't one time enough?

"You know, they'll want to find a real wedding dress and have real wedding pictures." As it was, there had been snapshots with phones and her Dad's digital camera. "Who knows, maybe your Mom will want to come then." Lon put his arm around around her. Ellie smiled, thinking how much trouble it was just for family, sometimes, and yet she wanted her own familty too. Traditions and all and here was the start of it.

"Well, I want cupcakes, again." Ellie decided. Yeah, she liked the idea of a cupcake wedding.


cass and cady said...

yummy cupcakes!

fan fic said...

This was sweet.

Holly said...

i want cupcakes now!

Anonymous said...

Loving the layout..and the idea for a cupcake wedding :)

simon n josh said...

aw, love that idea. and the story too.