Friday, February 19, 2010

happy now

Did he remember her when he was 6? It jogged Eric's memory.

He couldn't stand Syd, then. Everyone was after him that day. He'd been miserable. One bad thing after another. Of course, they'd all adored his sister at that party. She was the head honcho. Her favorite line. "Lets get Eric! Let him have it, girls!" Not a day he wanted to recall. All those fat jokes. Honestly, he wasn't obese. Just round. Kind of cute. Well, his Mom had said so. He was already reading by the time he was 5. Even earlier. He loved words. Had his own vocabulary notebook of all the words he wanted to know. And he wrote notes to anyone, every chance he got. Of course, that day, he was not going to send Syd a note. He was pretty upset with everyone. That day. He decided it just wasn't worth it to start the notes.

But here they were now. At the doctor's office, holding hands. Smiling at the slightest things. He hoped it stayed this way. He hoped he could be enough for her. He hoped it all went well.

They learned she had been pregnant almost 12 weeks. Then to find out the baby wouldn't be due until September. That seemed a life time away to Eric. A bit horrified that it would take that long, he felt dizzy then as if he might pass out. Why did it take so long?

Of course, Syd was worried about these breakouts on her face.

"I never had pimples like this when I was growing up." She told the doctor who told her it was normal. Not to worry. Just to use Benzoyl Peroxide for treatment. Eric could see she was hoping the doctor would give her something like an antibotic, but he wouldn't.

At the moment, everything was on schedule, and Eric was here for all those times he'd missed before. But there was Amanda to think about. They'd had dinner earlier in the week with her and Elliot. It was a little awkward. Amanda had made the best of it. Syd had been a wallflower. And Elliot was just Elliot, being his pious self.

"I dunno what I'm suppose to do about, you know, this Amanda situation." Eric said on the drive home. "Do I just, you know, not be there."

"Well, of course, you have to be there." Syd told him as if she didn't want him to miss out. "I mean, who knows how long I might be pregnant."

"What is that suppose to mean?" He looked at her as if she was going to change her mind on this.

"Miscarriages." She looked at him. "You have to think that way. You just do."

"Why are you bringing this up?" Eric winced thinking he might swerve on the ice, and there might be one right then, by the way she sounded.

"I'm sorry."

"I want you to be, all right. You know that. I love you." He told her. "A part of me, is like, what the fuck have I done to you! Its all my fault how miserable it all is. Its this very strange paradox, you know." He knew he'd have her on his insurance or else. This was his responsibility. "I just want us to enjoy this." Even at the moment, it wasn't as enjoyable as he thought it would be. Still, he was happy. He was happy with Syd.


SR@MyStyle said...

Thats great news that Syd and Eric can be more settled with each other now the baby is on its way.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that it's amazing how Syd and Eric are kind of settling into family mode. But Eric still seems a little iffy to me. :/

Ivyoaks said...

Well, some of us do question things as they come up. I think all new Dad's have this sort of 'iffy thing, perhaps. Not always. Just some.

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello just dropping by.... have a great week.... my dad is coming back home.... care to view my recent post?

simon n josh said...

Its interesting..there past. Meeting so young. Now this. wow..lots of ups in downs. Still.

Anonymous said...

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