Tuesday, February 9, 2010

in the middle

It was in the middle of washing dishes that Eric realised 2 things.

1. Syd didn't have any clothes.
2. He hadn't called Amanda.

He wondered if he could perhaps kill two birds with one stone. Well, he hated to think of it that way, but maybe Amanda could help. Of course, Syd was taller than Amanda, but would Amanda really need those maternity clothes in a few weeks? Probably. Bad idea. Don't ask about the clothes. But still....

He'd possibly maxed out his credit card now on air fare. It wouldn't be great  idea to go crazy about new clothes. He thought of Olivia then. She was great at thrifting and DIY projects. Maybe he should call her. No, first he had to call Amanda. See how she was doing so he went right to his cell and finally direct dialed.

"Where have you been?" Amanda asked right away.

Eric smiled, thinking maybe she did care about him, after all. Well, perhaps in an extended family sort of way. He wasn't going to question it.

"I told you I was going to see Syd." He reminded her.

"No, I'm the one who told you, to go see her." She informed him.

"Whatever," he rolled his eyes. "I brought her back home with me."

"You did?" She sounded as if that wasn't the most reasonable thing to do.

"Guess what?" Eric found himself beaming with happiness. Didn't he have a right to be happy?

"I'm afraid to guess." She sounded a tad nervous.

"We're going to have a baby!" He shouted into the phone.

"Oh god! Eric, do you even know if it's yours?" Amanda questioned.

"Hahahahaaaa...that's the funniest question I could possibly hear from you." He couldn't stop grinning. "I'm very sure."

"Just how very sure are you?" Amanda kept those questions coming.

"This is hilarious." He kept smiling.

"No, seriously, Eric, do you really know for sure? Really?" Amanda asked. "I don't want to see you get hurt."

"As if I haven't been hurt enough by you, already!" Now he was getting bitter.

"Is this why you're acting this way?" Amanda kept going.

"What way?"

"You. You're trying to blame this on me, some how." She was in mood too, now.

"What? What would I be blaming you? I'm doing the right thing. I want to be with Syd. I do. Baby or no baby, I want to be with Syd. You want to be with Elliot. God! Just don't make this about you!" He was getting steamed now as she stomped about in the kitchen, yelling in the phone.

Finally, she asked if he wanted to come over to dinner. He guessed they could do that. After all, Syd hadn't met Amanda yet.


the oaks said...

I can't believe they are squabbling!

Ailee Verzosa said...

interesting post... can't wait for the next one!

BTW..check out my dad's north american adventure!
http://passionatestar92.blogspot.com/2010/02/photoblog-201004.html have a great day!!!

Holly said...

what an intersting talk he and amanda had. wonder what syd will think of that.

Meg said...

I wonder if Syd and Amanda will get along.