Wednesday, February 10, 2010

setting it straight

"What was that all about?" Syd heard him in the kitchen talking. She thought it might be his sister. He said he didn't get along with her. She thought he was going to lose it, but then he didn't. She'd never seen him that way before.

"Nothing." He shrugged, but he hugged himself then. "OK," he looked at the ceiling as if he might need a prayer to get through this, then back at her. "I know I should have told you, but I've got complicated stuff too. Actually."

"Complicated?" She let Belle down to scamper off to her meal bowl.

"That was Amanda." He sighed.

"You never mentioned a sister by that name." She looked at him.

"She's not my sister." He sighed. "But we are sort of family. Actually, she was a friend of mines girlfriend, or was... and ..well...." He set down on the futon and wanted her to sit next to him.

"So you're friends?" Syd sat next to him.

"Yes. Yes, I think so. Some of the time." He almost faked a smile as he looked at her. She knew he was nervous even if he put his arm around her, but then he didn't. He stood up, and looked back at her. "I don't know what you'll think." He shook his head. "Please, just know, it was a one time thing." He squinted as if he was afraid he's said too much, already. "We met in Italy. I was this kid counselor and....and she was doing something in choir.Well, we hooked up. I mean, we would have never ever done that if we were here. It was, well, I was homesick. I guess, thats was it. Anyway, she's having my baby, but she did get married, but not to my friend." Eric sighed. He scratched the side of his neck and winced back at her. "See, she wasn't going to tell me. But I guess she felt guilty about it, closer to her wedding, and everything. And well, when Elliot found out, I pretty much thought the wedding was off, but..but we still weren't ever going to be  together. I mean it was just this one off, you know." He shrugged then, bitting his bottom lip.  "I'm sorry. I really am. Its just not something you want to say on a first date." He fell back on the futon next to her. "Do you hate me?"

"Eric," She smiled and gave him a playful shove. She knew she couldn't give him a bad time about it even if maybe she should. She was to shocked to ask that many questions about his situation with Amanda. Obviously, they were not a couple. "I don't really know what to think. I don't. But I don't hate you."

"God, go like forever not having sex, wear lose clothing and perhaps eat all the right things, and see what happens? I must have an unreal sperm count." He gave her a sly look then before he burst out laughing.

She shook with laughter too.

"Really, though, seriously, I'm scared shitless about all of it. I don't know how I'm suppose to be around Amanda. I mean, she has Elliot, who I can't stand. Never have. Unfortunately. But I think he's trying. Still, I've never felt so alone until now. Its like you saved me when I got that phone call from you that morning." He took her hand then, intertwined his fingers with hers.

"That was just a fluke, you know. Really." She couldn't help but smile.

"God, I have to tell you everything. I want to. I have too. I'd-I'd been with like the date from hell. Seriously, after a night with her, I was thinking I might should look into dating guys. And then you call, and the first thought that popped into my head, romance is not dead. I have to find a way to meet this girl. I just have too."

"I did like talking to you," Syd told him. "It was such a relief to know who it was who had Belle, and that it was you. I wanted to know who you were. I did. And then when I saw your picture, I couldn't wait to meet you. I just couldn't." She sighed. "I lied, to Kip. I told him you were my cousin that I hadn't seen since I was eight. I told him you were my favorite cousin." Syd couldn't help but smile. Eric leaned in then and kissed her.


SamiChami said...


(I made those arm warmers from a pair of old socks.)

mazzie said...

oh, eric, glad they can laugh.

Lyle said...

gotta wonder how long they'll be laughing..when it sets in about amanda & eric's baby...

Oh..left you a link about Lyle (my mitch hewer character)

ellie said...

Thanks..I think he'll be a cool character. A stylist..of all thing. ahahahahaaa..

another skin said...

Oh..I started a Skins fan fic!

Holly said...

I love how this is going.

simon n josh said...

wow..what news to hear, but I'm glad he told her.

Meg said...

I'm glad he told her and she seems to be taking it well.