Monday, February 15, 2010

a little bird told me

Olivia had decided to have a little fondue party for the four of them and then there was Liz and Ravi who weren't really a couple, but were sort of there even if they were watching TV for the most part. Really, it was a party for Ellie and Lon and well, Roger, who kept trying to get everyone to dance to old 80's tunes, but no one seemed to be in the mood for it.

That's when Ellie told Olivia the news about Eric and Syd.

"Are you serious?" Olivia had the blankest look on her face. How could this be? "A baby? Those two? How did you find out?"

"Oh, you know," Ellie just shrugged as if everything she ever learned about anyone was accidental.

"You girls quit gossiping," Roger said, trying to drag Olivia away to dance with him.

"Roger," she looked at him. "Not now." She rolled her eyes.


"Eric's gonna have a baby." Olivia winced.

"Well, yeah, but you know, he's not actually having it or even delievering it, for that matter." Roger winced back.

"No, with Syd." She frowned.

"Really?" Roger just smiled as if that was impressive.

"God," she said  in vain, hugging herself. "He's such an idiot!"

"He's trying to do the right thing. They want to be together. And he's happy. She's happy. It'll work out." Ellie looked at Olivia.

"I'm sorry." She sighed. "I don't mean to be mad at him, but I am." She got cold chills just thinking about it. She felt like she never really knew him at all, anymore. She felt herself flood with tears. She knew this wasn't about her, but a part of her felt as if she must have been poison to him.

"Hey, you could be stuck with his kid right now." Ellie told her as if was that what she wanted?

She shook her head, no.

"I don't love him, all right." She fought the tears.

"Its OK if you do." Ellie told her. "You are his friend. You'll always be his friend."

"I dunno." She shook her head. Ellie got her some water and a napkin. "I'm over him. I really am." She blew her nose then.

"Then I think you better dance with Roger." Ellie smiled and she looked over her shoulder watching Lon, dance with Charlie.

Olivia nodded.

"Look, we'll get together with Syd as soon as we can, see if we can help her find some stuff to wear. She hasn't anything. Really. I guess when he went up there, they didn't bring back anything." Ellie told her.

Olivia sucked in a breath. She knew she needed to help. It was always good to help.


SR@MyStyle said...

Lets hope Olivia can get past this for her own sake and her relationship with Roger.

Hope you had a good Valentines day!!

Cait said...

Well, I think its real that Olivia would have these feeling. Even if they might be selfish. Hopefully, she'll be ok.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Olivia is able to get it together - she's so upset! :(

ellie said...

Hopefully, Olivia doesn't sound too whiney..but many of us..i'm sure have felt a twinge of wonder..why relationships when so bad. And I have a feeling she blames herself for much of what happened between her and Eric. But there is that feeling that she feels that he thought of her not quite like other girls. And maybe he did. Yet she might see it negative and he might see it positive. Everyone has a different story of each other.

the oaks said...

She sounds as if she's got issues she needs to work through.

Holly said...

I do feel bad for Olivia. It would be hard to face her ex with his new girlfriend.