Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines day

Kyle was about to freak out a little when he saw Amber all styled for the Valentines dance. What had she done? She looked older than him which was a bit intimidating. She looked like she needed to be with a college guy, not him. But she was beautiful, and he was taken in by that. After all, they'd settle on going to her Valentines dance, not his.

He didn't want to admit it, but he was afraid he might bump into Kelsey if they'd gone to his school dance. He really wasn't sure he could handle that so he was happy to escort her to the big ball room aka, the gym at her school. But there was a strobe light tonight and it was made up to with glitz with lots of shiny things around to distract you. There was even a band.

Possibly, not a very good one, but still, live music. Something Kyle hadn't been around in a very long time.

And Amber so wanted to dance. He was a little scared. He was sure he'd lost his cool factor, completely. But he'd worn a suit just like his Mom told him, and he felt so tied down. But this was her night, and he wanted to do whatever she wanted.

They'd eaten at Dairy Queen. Steak fingers, gravy and fries and even dipped chocolate vanilla cones in the freezing cold. There was still plenty of snow around.

"But I could take you anywhere you wanted to go." He would have driven her to Omaha if she'd wanted.

"This is my favorite place." She just smiled about it as if she truly was a home town girl and no way was he going to get her to try any fancy foods. Yet she looked far too fancy to be at the Dairy Queen.

"OK." He noticed she had his Senior ring around her neck. She kept holding it from time to time as if she might lose it.

Kyle gritted a smile. He didn't know if he could live up to her expectations, completely. But she was happy and he knew he should be happy too. Even so, he felt he might be keeping her from something or someone. And it was there on the dance floor that he saw who was watching them.

"This is Phil." She introduced him to the nerdy boy with the dark rimmed glasses. He seemed as if he might be some science professor's experiment. He looked at them as if she'd need to explain to Phil more about him, but she didn't. Amber seemed oblivious to Phil's longing. Honestly, Kyle felt a little sad for him. Soon enough, she was off, dragging Kyle to meet this girl and that girl. And of course, each time. "This is my boyfriend, Kyle, I've been telling you all about. I didn't make him up."

Kyle couldn't keep from laughing, a bit. He was elated and awkward at the same moment.


mazzie may said...

always mixed emotions at these sort of things.

Happy Valentines day!

Holly said...

That's great about going to Dairy Queen..though. I think.

the oaks said...

sounds fun. happy v day!

Robyn said...

Oh but cutting up sweaters is ever so much fun!
(though if someone else came along and cut up one of my beloved sweaters, I would not be pleased at all~ haha)

Have v-day~


fan fic said...

Cool, sounds like a sweet night.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love the fact that Amber is content with the simple things in life; and Kyle is so worried about making a good impression on her. Great story!

Happy, Happy Valentine's Day darling!! :)

Ivyoaks said...

I hope Kyle can be happy and be who he can be with her.

Meg said...

I hope they have fun and Kyle feels less awkward!

Nina said...

Great chapter!