Saturday, February 13, 2010


Syd wouldn't dare admit it, but she envied  Ellie, some. She eyed the photos in the bedroom. They were of her and Lon. Her and Lon and the baby. She was so tiny. But Ellie looked as if she was kind of mess at the moment with the baby, and that made her smile. That she wasn't perfect. And even in Charlie's little tangents, it seemed Ellie was waiting for another adventure with him.

Ellie went into the closet and pulled out some boxes and opened them. Most were dresses and shirts. Some cute dressy dresses that Syd imagined she wore when she was in high school.

"God, you don't want to see these," Ellie said. She went back to the closet. "Damn," she said under her breath. "Eric! Eric, I need you!"

She came out and looked at Syd who was still looking at photos of dogs and cats on the wall.

"Sorry, I don't know how Lon put those up there to begin with." She pointed to the boxes. Ellie put her hands in her back pockets then.. Finally, Eric came with the baby and handed him over.

"What's wrong."

"Boxes. Top of the closet."

"Oh." He got them down quickly, and there were boxes everywhere on the bed with clothes.

"Um, well," Syd hesitated. "What we really need are..." She looked at Eric as if she was afraid to say it. "Maternity clothes."

Ellie looked at her blankly. She looked at Eric.

"Uh, I don't have anything like that." She reached for track suits and the like then as if that might help until Syd really needed something for pregnancy.


Cait said...

I wonder how Ellie feels about that shock?

Holly said...

huh..thats news.

Winnie said...

Interesting development!

Meg said...

That's got to be a bit of shock for Ellie

another skin said...