Friday, February 12, 2010


Charlie might have had Lonnie's eyes and hair, but there was something about that smile that  made Ellie think of Lon. At the moment he was running around like it might be a dance number for a disco. One foot forward. Then back. He'd take off running around the house wanting Ellie to chase him. Naturally, when she picked him up, he would decide to drop his pacifer and give her the biggest wet kiss on the cheek. Next his wet fingers would be in her haig and if that wasn't enough he'd spit up a little milk on her shoulder for good messure, she supposed. Half the time she didn't know if it was on purpose or there was a problem. Usually, it meant he was possibly far more active than he should be. But when the door bell rang, she covered the spill on her shoulder with her hair. Of course, Charlie had to investigate while she held him to answer the door.

"Sorry, I haven't found the coat yet." She sighed showing them to the couch.

Oddly, Charlie fell right into Eric's arms as if he was testing him to see if he'd catach him. Ellie let him go. She was kind of shocked that he'd let a stranger take him. Usually, he screamed like a banji if someone looked at him the wrong way.

"Well, then, I guess I'll find it now." Ellie shrugged.

Eric just smiled as Charlie investigated Eric's mouth. Syd gave him a tickle but, he pushed her away. He wanted to be with Eric.

Ellie went to the hall closet and found the parka. "Is gray all right?" She took it to Syd who was flaundering in Eric's sweats.

"Oh, gray, I love gray." She smiled. She was already in gray. She pulled it on. It fit just fine. She seemed pleased. "I can give it back, you know-"

"No, no, you keep it, that coat needs a good home." Ellie sighed as she hugged herself. "So how long are you going to be here?"

"Uh," Syd's eyes opened wide as she looked to Eric who was busy listening to Charlie's silly shrills which might have been music, but possibly not. "A while, quite awhile. Like permenant. I think."

"Oh." Ellie smiled as if she'd do her best to be her friend. "Well, do you need anything else? Clothes?"

"Yeah, but you know." Syd seemed reluctant to say much.

"Well, come on, lets look through what I have. Its just old clothes, mainly. I used to do lots of thrifting." She showed Syd to her bedroom who was still wearing the parka.


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Cait said...

That Charlie is a scene stealer!

fan fic said...

I'm glad Ellie can help..even if she has her hands full.