Saturday, February 27, 2010

or you in or you out

Ravi helped Liz pack her suitcase. Really, there wasn't much to bring, but he was riding shotgun in the car with her.

"Really, I don't need you." She looked over at him as if he didn't need to be in any of this. He'd watch her tuck Syd's cell in her purse as if she were hoping this guy would come for her instead of Syd. He didn't get why she liked to take these kind of risks. What was wrong with her?

"I don't need you, either." Ravi remained as indifferent as he could. "But, I picked up a little something."

She kept driving as if she hadn't even heard him. He got the impression that she didn't want to listen to him. Liz didn't want to listen to anyone.

"Just when has Olivia said she didn't like you?" He wanted to know.

"It doesn't matter." Liz wouldn't look at him. "I know she can't stand me. All right."

Ravi said nothing more. He wished somehow, he could understand her. He thought he did. He thought they were becoming more than friends. It felt like the start of something, and now she'd suddenly stopped.

They unloaded her stuff just as Eric got a phone call.

"Amanda's in labor!" He acted like she might have the baby before they could get to the hospital.

"So how far along are the contractions?" Liz looked at him, all Miss Science.

"I dunno." But the frantic look on Eric's face shown, he couldn't get out of the apartment fast enough. He couldn't even get the apartment key off his key chain. Liz had to do it.

"All right. Get out of here." She was back to her crime detective mode then. Ravi slightly waved good-bye since Syd was going with him and the cat. "Just stay safe. Drive safe, Eric." It sounded like a demand. Ravi almost laughed and then she looked at him seriously with her I'm on to you look.

"What are you, his big sister, or something?" Ravi choked a laugh.

"Are you on something?" She was serious.

"No, but I can be." He smiled brightly then. He'd brought the baggie of pot.

"Now you're talking." She smiled as if she was that Liz, he remembered. Laid back and sweet. She took the baggie from him and got her papers out from her purse and started to build something that he could only watch, hoping he could make something so perfect. She was really good at rolling this stuff. Like she might have been a professional of some kind. He guessed you couldn't major in that in college.

It wasn't long until they were both feeling pretty good.

"Yes!" She giggled. "You know how long I've been wanting a place of my own?" She grinned so as if she adored having a bit of space to call her very own. Not just a room, but a place with a kitchen. It wasn't that much bigger than the room at Roger's but still. She went on and on how good it felt to be alone.

"But wait?" It was like a light bulb went on in Ravi's head. "I'm here." He smiled.

"Oh, yeah," She winced. "You're here." But she looked kind of sleepy. Like it might all be a dream. They were so close now on the futon. And when she leaned over and kissed him, it felt like a real kiss then. One that might take him through the night and maybe way into the morning, as well.

Ravi felt pretty good about that. He really felt so happy.


SR@MyStyle said...

Liz needs to realise she won't have a future with Eric now :-(

Ivyoaks said...

Sometimes, I feel Liz knows too much for her own good. Anyway, Ravi seems to know her better than some.

Cait said...

You have to wonder ..who's taking the most of this situation.

cass and cady said...

Well, Liz seems pretty happy with

Holly said...

What could this mean?

simon n josh said...

Is Ravi sure..he really wants to be involved with her???

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think Ravi's making a huge mistake. :/