Friday, February 26, 2010

so much for that

"Everything, all right?" Eric could see Syd was stressed. He couldn't think of her having an argument with Olivia, but Liz was there and well, he hoped she kept her mouth shut about there big one nighter, that Eric didn't feel like bringing up so late in the evening and so wanted to forget, as well.

"He called. Kip!" Syd told him. She was pulling her fingers back through her hair, but then she hugged him tight. "It was so scary. I dunno what happened. I really don't." She was shaking.

"Its OK." He put his arm around her.

"It might not be." Liz looked at at him then as if she was investigating this, all the more objective, than the rest of them. "Does he know where you are?"

"I dunno. My mother might have told him. I don't think she did." Syd looked at Liz.

"If he's set on doing this, he could easily find you." Liz said matter of fact.

Eric winced. Who did she think she was? Sue Grafton? He wondered.

"Look, I know how much everyone does not like having me, here," Liz confessed, twisting about, as she stared at Olivia. "I know how much I disgust Olivia, and well, maybe you two should stay here, and I could camp out at your place."

"I don't think that's necessary." Eric faked a grin.

"She might be right. If I call the cops, they'll tell me he's done nothing. I don't want to take that chance on him, showing up at your place, Eric." Syd hugged herself. She was serious.

"Right now? He's not going to show up. Right now." Eric was frustrated.

"Eric, quit being a dumb ass." Liz looked at him, point blank. "Go, home, get your stuff. I'll be over shortly. Its better safe than being sorry. And give me your phone." She held out her hand to Syd, as if that alone would be a tracking device.

Eric sucked in a breath. This was the last place he thought he'd be. At Roger's with Syd.


simon and josh said...

Eric, quit being a dumb ass...ahahaha..I couldn't help myself.

the oaks said...

Liz is really the take charge type..huh? Made me smile.

a jacob black tale said...

I dunno if Liz is a help or not.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I just hope Liz isn't influencing Syd and Eric in the wrong way. This could be dangerous!

Love the new layout, by the way!! :)

Holly said...

This is a definite chage.