Sunday, March 7, 2010

anywhere but up

It was a shock to Kip. It really was. It hit him like a wall, but he could smell it in the apartment. The weed.

A smile came to his face. He had not thought of that sweet fragrance in so long. It was almost comforting. It was freaky and yet so appealing to him.

"God, I'm sorry, where are my manners." He sighed. "I'm, I'm Ethan." Damn, he'd always wanted to be an Ethan. He always liked that name. Sounded like he took things seriously. Everybody wanted to know an Ethan, now didn't they? He shook her hand.

"Ethan." She smiled. "Liz, just call me Lizzy." For a moment, he wondered if they might have an improve of some kind. Possibly, this was method acting. She knew something, she had too, Kip thought. She put on the kettle then as he looked around. Kip looked down at his sleeves. He didn't think there were scars. Just scratches now. Yeah, that's all they were. Just little nicks. Something to tide him over. But he was so tired now. All that driving. Coming here. Digging into Syd's computer for her where abouts. Of course, he hadn't a clue just what he might say to her, once he found her. He thought, maybe if he got away with her, they could sort it out. He might have to drive across the state and even further, but they could work this out. They had too. Or else.

"Lizzy," Kip's fake grin came natural. He had to smile a lot. Act like he was interested in people's problems. Even when he wasn't. "Thanks, I could really use a cup."

"So where you coming from? You know, that's just weird, you looking for this guy. Is he your boyfriend?" She asked so cool as if she needed him to clarify.

"No, no," Kip had a good laugh then. "He's seeing my sister." He nodded then.

"Your sister?" She looked at him as if she wished she had a brother so concerned.

"Yeah, he talked her into coming to see him." He kept watching Liz, waiting for her to slip up. But she was calm as if she could glide through this. He guessed. "It was a bad decision."

"That's too bad." She made him tea then. She sat down the brownies too. "Hungry?"

"Maybe." A tickle got caught in his throat. Evidently, this was no cat and mouse game. Clearly, there were two cats here ready to pounce on each other. Or were they just going to nibble on a brownie instead? She took one. So did he. She bit into it. He took a bite of his. Evidently, the games would commence once they got, good and ready.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-there is chemistry already, lets see how this pans out!!

fan fic said...

wow, I wonder where this is going?

Meg said...

Wow, lots of mind games for Kip.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Who knew Kip could be so...devious? :/

coolboy said...

oh great kip