Friday, March 5, 2010

around and around you go

Syd did her best to put the dreadful phone call out of her mind from Kip, who didn't sound like the reasonable person she knew. What had happened to him? Was this all her fault?

She didn't want to stress about it. She felt kind of strange being here too. In the waiting room. What was she suppose to say, "Oh, I'm the father's girlfriend, we're gonna have a baby too." She wished she'd stayed home. She wanted to go home, but she thought of Eric and being here for him. And where was her home, exactly now? Would they just stay at Roger's for a few days? Then it would be all over? So much was going through her head. She'd have to pace herself, but it seemed impossible at the moment. Syd wouldn't dare call her mother because she'd want her home.

She looked up to see Roger.

"Where's Olivia?" Syd was expecting her. She thought they were getting along. Granted, she knew Eric had dated her for a long time, and maybe Olivia couldn't stand her. But she seemed OK with them there. She'd been really kind and such a good listener. Maybe she'd been wanting her to shut up, all this time? Really, Olivia had made her feel comfortable. She thought they could be friends.

"She's sick." He was a bit indifferent about it as if he didn't really care.

"Is she OK?" Syd hoped it wasn't the flu. Unfortunately, every illness worried her now even if she had gotten her flu shots back in December.

"Just this thing she gets ever so often." He sounded like it was nothing special. "She just needed a prescription. She's OK."

Syd just nodded. This was awkward. But what was more awkward was Eric's Mom showing up with his younger brother, Ian.

Syd looked at them wide-eyed. Eric had put off calling his Mom about the baby news. Of course, there was the baby news with Amanda. That did take precedent over this news that was a long way from happening. Syd said a little prayer to herself, hoping she'd say the right thing to his mother. Oddly, she found herself praying a lot, lately. Honestly, she didn't even know she had it in her to pray. But all these hours alone, she'd had plenty of time to find the chapel ,even take a nap on the pew. Of course, she knew it probably hadn't done much good on making her a saint, anytime soon.

"What are you doing here, Syd?" His Mom looked at her and Roger as if Roger had ditched Olivia and found a new girlfriend.

"Oh, umm." She shook her head, no. "I had to see Eric." She smiled. "I had to. I wanted to be here for him... through this."

"You did?" His mother gave her a glare as if she was the worst thing possible for Eric.

Suddenly, Syd felt it was time to go. She could wait. She could wait at Roger's for Eric. She didn't have to be there for the whole occasion. But she did want to be there for him. She hoped he knew that she did.

"Come on, Roger, lets gets something to eat." She looked at him as if she need something now, but she dozed off on the ride home. Really, she wanted to rest. She wanted to prove she wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to Eric.


cass and cady said...

That must be not an easy situation to be in. But I think she has the right attitude. Not sure about Roger, though.

down and out in hollyoaks said...

I do like Syd. Wish his mother didn't feel that way about her.

SR@MyStyle said...

Poor Syd, lets hope Eric's mum finds out soon about the baby so she can be more supportive.

Have a good weekend my dear!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Syd has a good heart; I just wish more people would realize it. :)

St├ęphanie said...

Oh ! Poor Syd !

fan fic said...

I'm glad Eric has met Syd.