Thursday, March 11, 2010

going round and round

Seriously, Syd was feeling a little stranded at Roger's. It was as if everything was going on around her, but her.

Yes, Olivia had gotten Ravi to put clean sheets on the bed. She'd even given him some cash to find a new duvet and pillows for them. He'd done so as if he was more of her boyfriend than Roger was. Syd didn't know why she noticed. Nor thought of it, but she did. Naturally, Olivia kept apologizing that she didn't feel well, but it was nothing contagious.

Syd hated to be a bother. But there were so many things she wanted to know. Had Liz heard from Kip? Maybe this was just a waste of time. She could be back at the apartment right now, doing as she pleased. But then, she'd be so alone.

The new baby was taking up a lot of Eric's time. She had no idea it would be this way. Not by the way he'd sounded before, that he'd be just in the way. Now she felt Amanda and Elliot were taking advantage of him. And she still  hadn't seen the baby yet. She was afraid too. Maybe. She didn't mean to be, but she felt so fragile right now, even if she felt healthy as a horse for the most part. Well, there were evenings, she could hardly keep anything down. Funny, how she had evening sickness instead of morning sickness. She wanted to tell Eric these things, but he wasn't around.

Finally, someone came home, but it wasn't Eric. It was Kyle and he had his toddler daughter with him.

"Where's Eric?" Kyle looked at her puzzled.

"Amanda's." Syd told him.

"Huh," Kyle just smiled. "I bet Amanda likes being the princess right now." He snidely remarked.

Syd just looked at him, wondering what that meant.

"Sorry, just glad its not me on her 'ta-do' list." He shrugged. "Been there. Done that."

Syd just nodded, not sure why he was here.

"I was out this way, my girlfriend lives about thirty minutes from here. Thought I'd drop by, see how Eric was handling everything." Kyle nodded.

"Well, he seems to be right in the thick of it, I guess." She smiled.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

"Good, really, quite good." But it felt the week had been forever since the arrival of Amanda's baby. She just wanted Eric back, only she couldn't complain about it.

"You're looking great." He nodded.

"What? Eric told you?" Syd glared at Kyle. He'd told Kyle about her being pregnant?

"Oh, uh." He cleared his throat. "No." He acted as if he had a sixth sense of some kind. It was a little ire. "I'm not psychic, or anything." He gave her an open grin as Rosie climbed up his legs and turned a flip.

"Kind of wish you were." Syd sat down on the couch then. There were so many questions mulling around in her head. So much she had to think about. And she really didn't want to think right now.


Ivyoaks said...

I'm sure all that waiting can be so tiring. Its good that Kyle dropped by.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It seemed like Kyle's initial comment was meant to get a rise out of Syd...hopefully he's not up to anything shady. :/

Holly said...

I think Kyle is a good guy.

mazzy may said...

hope she see eric soon.