Tuesday, March 2, 2010

just a phone call away

Eric got the strangest feeling that Elliot didn't want to be there when the baby was born.

"But, shouldn't you?" Eric winced thinking Amanda would want anyone else there but him.

"No, no, really, I've spent plenty of time." Elliot looked as if he'd suffered most of the night with Amanda. "I could take a nap, maybe."

"You wouldn't?" Eric shook his head.

"I want to," Elliot sighed. "I really want to." He licked his dry lips then as he staggered to a chair in the waiting room.

Eric looked into the dim lit room where Amanda looked asleep. Eric gritted and went in as if he might have to fight something. He just wasn't sure what that would be.

"Hey, how's it going." He tried to smile, but Amanda was in a sweat and not very pretty.

"Kyle!" she grabbed his hand, wouldn't let go. Her smile was weak.

"No, no he's not here," Eric said. "Its me, Eric."

"Where's Kyle? I want Kyle, I don't want you." She said so negative as if Eric would make everything awful.

"You know, he's probably getting ready for school. He's got Rosie to look after." Eric did his best to be pleasant and positive.

"Call him, tell him, he's got to be here. He knows what to do." She nodded.

"Well." Eric bit his upper lip wondering just how insane that would be. All three of them here, waiting for a baby. "I'll see if I can get him to talk to you, OK?"

She nodded, but she was in pain. So he dialed Kyle.

"Kyle!" Eric wasn't sure he could talk over all the equipment, monitoring the situation. "Yeah, its happening." Eric smiled, he wished he knew exactly what was going on. "Amanda wants to talk to you."

"Amanda?" Kyle sounded a little worried. "Is she OK?"

"I guess." Eric shrugged. "Can you talk? She'd really love it, if you were here." Eric made it sound as if they were all taking a trip to the beach.

"Let me talk to her." Kyle sighed.


SR@MyStyle said...

Lets hope Kyle can get there, Elliot should be doing more though!!

the oaks said...

she would want Kyle..hard to figure out some people, sometimes.

another skin said...

Eric's being really good about this. Hope its not a lost cause.

mazzie may said...

Hope Kyle can talk her through whatever.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Why does she want to talk to Kyle so much?? :/

ellie said...

He was there when she had her first baby.

fan fic said...

I do wonder what that's about, too.

cass and cady said...

Nobody knows her quite like Kyle.

kady said...

your story's great. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Meg said...

Having a baby sounds very stressful!