Monday, March 1, 2010

what are you waiting for

"Aren't we starting to look alike?" Roger grinned at Olivia. He caught her just in time so they could see their reflection in the bathroom mirror.

"What?" Olivia winced. What was that suppose to mean?

"Its a good thing. It is." He promised, and he kissed her then as if he knew her too well. They were alone. Just the two of them. No one else was home. He held both her hands. She let him kiss her more.

"What about now?" He didn't say the word sex, but she knew it was on his mind. She didn't want to bring up. She might have a urinary tract infection. Possibly not. It wouldn't happen. It was sort of one those things that she tried to forget about, but it seemed being on the Pill might have been the problem, and of course, the soda pop, stress from classes, possibly Roger.

"I dunno." She sighed. "I have to pick up Syd at the hospital, you know."

"But-but-" He looked as if she'd neglected him a great deal, lately. As if this was their time, and they better take it. What were they waiting for?

She smiled weakly. Well, of course, he'd get his way. They'd be done in 15 minutes, tops. She'd shower. Change. Be on her way to see about Syd. Hopefully, to take her home. Well, that was the plan. Everyone would be happy. Except, Olivia. And at the moment, she thought possibly, she was making too much out of everything. They'd all look at her as the whiner and well, she didn't want that. Just buck up and take it.

Naturally, things started out simply the way it happened. Kissing. Under the covers. Nothing fancy. Him on top. It was OK. All was going... the usual. Not that Olivia was tired of the usual, but mid-way, she knew for sure...there was a problem.

"Are you OK?" Roger asked finally.

Olivia just gritted, squinting hard, as if she might cry, but she didn't. She just nodded.

He sighed.

She was just counting the minutes. When it was over. There was certainly no pleasure to this pain.

Tears came to her eyes.

"What is wrong with you?" Now Roger was tense.

"I dunno." She felt as if her whole body was raw. Even her throat. She felt sick. Really a burning sensation came over her. "Don't be mad at me."

"I'm not. But you should have told me." He snapped as he got dressed.

"Uh, I don't think I can get Syd. You'll have too." She hugged up in the covers.

Naturally, he gave her an are you kidding me look.

"Sorry, I'm going to call in the perscription. I think the doctor gave me extra." She sighed, hoping the doctor could do that and not have to make an appointment which might not happen days from now. "And then I'll drink cranberry juice for the rest of the day." As if she'd be perfectly fine by the time he got back.

Now Roger was fuming. Giving her the silent treatment. Naturally, he left, making her feel worse than she could imagine. Olivia closed her eyes wishing she could sleep, but she knew this dance rather well. The pain and the agony of defeat.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-uh-oh, she sounds like its a physical and emotional thing-does she really want to be with Roger?

ellie said...

That is a good question..and well, how far will be go to stay with someone, too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It seems obvious that Olivia doesn't want to be with Roger - her reaction is so evident of that. She should just end it instead of wasting both of their time. :/

cass and cady said...

To bad Roger isn't more considerate.

the oaks said...

I would really mad at him if were here. It seems he's making her feel this is all her fault.

down and out in Hollyoaks said...

I feel so sad for her.

another skin said...

I hope she gets to feeling better soon.

simon n josh said...

I think she just needs to tell him..she's not in the mood. It happens.