Monday, March 22, 2010

love's a bitch

"OK, I didn't tell you everything." Liz waited to tell Kip once they got to a public place, hoping he would keep his cool.

Of course, she wasn't sure just how much she wanted to really tell him. She knew who he was. Of course, it wasn't long after he got high on the brownies that he told her everything since she wasn't quite into the brownies as he was. Then came the drinking. The pills from where she worked which were suppose to be only given to dogs, but... she got the effect she wanted. She guessed. She had somehow defused him and well, it worked out. Not that she had had a plan for everything. Perhaps, she was just a voyeur, and yet she had let it happen. She felt like the winner on a game show.

"We did get married." She pleasantly smiled as if it wasn't a big deal. They were sitting in a booth at a truck-stop, off the interstate.

"What?" Kip winced hard as if he was about to pass out. "Here?"

"No, you have to wait 3 days in Iowa. In Nebraska, you don't have to wait." She gritted a smile.

"And where were our lovely nuptials?" He stared at her as if this would be a fun fact to know. Not.

"Nebraska City." She nodded."The waiting was just too long in Papillion."

"I must be crazy." He winced. He looked around at the haggard truckers as if he was ready to explode, but he wouldn't because he wanted to be normal. She knew it. He'd behave himself. She had him figured out. "So?"

"So?" She beamed as if she'd finally accomplished something her parents always wanted. And to think her Dad still thought she was a lesbian. Not that anything was wrong with that, but it was pretty much far from the truth. "We'll just be married." She shrugged.

"You want that money I won." He glared.

"No, I don't." She had the ring and the wedding band. It was better than she'd expected. The first one she tried on at that shop in the casino was a keeper. "I'm going to be the perfect wife. You go back to where ever, and I'll have my job. And we'll, you know, e-mail each other, ever once in a while. Maybe hook up on the holidays. If my sister ever gets married, I'd have an excuse why I didn't have a date. It'll work out."

Kip shook his head, no.

"Just think about it." She touched his hands then. He kept them in a fist.

"We have to get this taken care of." He told her.

"Why?" She stared back. "We might really be good for each other. You know, this could work. It really could."

Kip shook his head.

"Please." She winced, finally letting go of his hands. Liz looked him in the eye then. "We could have sex one more time and then decide."

Kip remained even lipped. Just then the waitress came by to pour their cups with more coffee. At least, he didn't say, no.


Anonymous said...

Liz is scary.

the oaks said...

She really knows how to worm herself into his life.

simon n josh said...

Can he take her seriously?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Liz is definitely a little off-kilter, if you ask me. :/

meg said...

Liz is very strange.

Holly said...

What will Kip do?