Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ellie was glad she could get Kelsey to come and stay the weekend before they left for South by Southwest. She and Lon decided to spend most of their time in Austin for music instead of film during the festival. They did have a budget to think about. She was excited, and Lon told her listening to music on the street was just as amazing as any concert they might find to go too.

Still, she wanted to see how Kelsey was doing since Kyle wouldn't dare ask her anymore.

"I wish I could get him out of this funk he's in." Ellie mentioned to Kelsey about Kyle. "I know you aren't together anymore, but you know, he can manage to be friends. I know he can. I should talk to him."

"No, don't." She seemed OK about Kyle. "He's in love." Kelsey then exaggerated. He was spending most of his time with Amber now, who Kelsey had dubbed as that hick girl from the sticks.

Ellie just smiled even if she didn't find it that funny. She really liked Amber.

Kelsey helped her with Charlie and then Lon entertained him at home so they could do a little shopping at some of the hideaway college shops close to campus. Half the time Ellie thought she was trying to get Kelsey to think about going to college here when she graduated.

"So I can live with Olivia and Roger?" Kelsey teased. And that gave Ellie the idea to invite Ravi out with them to a movie. Thankfully, Ravi didn't mind going. She wasn't sure what was going on with Roger and Olivia, but evidently they were being very private that day.

Ellie couldn't say she was a matchmaker, but she thought they hit it off, rather well. They seemed to get along quite easily. She noticed how Ravi smiled. Kelsey seemed a bit smitten with him, too.

"Do, you think you might come back soon to see, you know who?" Ellie said as Kelsey was getting ready to go back home.

"I dunno." She was reluctant to think anything electric happened. "He's adorable. Sweet, but you know, isn't that always the way it starts?" She sounded wiser than Ellie remembered. She was beginning to think maybe Kelsey didn't need anyone.


FashionJazz said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, hope u have a good weekend xx

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-lets see what develops with Ravi and Kelsey then!!

meg said...

well, maybe Kelsey needs to be just alone. Since she isn't exactly honest with anyone yet about what's going on with her.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that someone with the ability to be happy, even when they're alone, are the true mature individuals in the world. I like Kelsey. :)

cait said...

I just wish Kelsey would explain herself more. You know, she should have been a better girlfriend to Kyle and she shouldn't have outed Nick & hiding her pregnancy isn't so smart, either.

Meg said...

Kelsey seems to be acting fairly mature.