Thursday, March 18, 2010

no ordinary problem

"You don't see how this could be a problem?" Well, now Heath was starting to sound like her real boyfriend on the phone. At least that was the thought in Olivia's head when she heard his concern on her cell.

"God, who have you been talking too?" She shot back. She was alone in the laundry room. It was warm and toasty by the dryer. Honestly, she was totally depressed, but this was the first time she'd laughed in a long time. But then when he told her that Roger called Nick who talked to him about what Roger suspected..Heath called her.

"Are you two not talking?" Heath wanted to know. "What exactly is going on with you and Ravi?"

"Nothing." She winced.

"Come on, there is. Something is definitely going on." Heath told her.

"But its not." Warm tears came to her eyes then as she sat there alone on the dryer. "Maybe I just decided to be celibate. Forever." She sniffed. "I'm not doing anything with anybody." She pressed her lips hard then, but the tears dripped down her cheeks.

"What, practicing to be nun now?" Heath slyly joked.

"Maybe." She sighed.

"You're not even Catholic." He reminded her.

"I dunno whats wrong with me." She sniffed more.

"Maybe its not even you. But stop sleeping with Ravi. Talk to Roger. Get him to the doctor. He should get checked out." Wasn't that a simple solution.

"Are you saying he's going to have HIV or something?" She winced.

"No, more like an STD of some kind." Heath told her.

"OK." She breathed out. Maybe she could talk him into it.

"And see if you can find Ravi, date. You can't just think you have him handy for everything. He needs to get out more." Heath suggested.

"Yes, sir." But she couldn't see herself playing cupid. She had no idea just what sort of girl he'd date.


Paradoxical Enigma said...

Heath seems nice ...

Anyway, thanks for the note! No, I haven't got that much guts. Anyone with guts wouldn't just let the opposing team slaughter them. Anyone with guts wouldn't shut up about a point that would seriously hang the opposing team instead of just hoping someone else would point it out.

SR@MyStyle said...

So Olivia and Roger have split up? She needs to look after herself, she seems vulnerable.

I have an award for you at my blog my dear!

meg said...

Hopefully, it'll be OK. That was nice of Heath. I'm glad she as someone to talk too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The only question is whether or not Heath is just trying to push everyone else out of the way so he can make his move on her! :/

the oaks said...

It is best that Roger gets checked out too.

Robyn said...

Thanks! The mustache thing has been going on and off since Paris~ haha