Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lucky charms

Kip woke with a throbbing headache. He had no idea where he was nor how he got there. And, there was a wedding band on his finger. He stared at it for a moment, then blinked. He staggered to get up just to find he was only in his undies. He looked back to see Liz was in bed with him. They weren't at the apartment, either. For a moment, he thought they'd somehow wounded up in Vegas. But he pulled back the curtain at the hotel and saw a slightly snow covered landscape. Green patches of grass sprouted past the parking lot. Kip just winced. This did not make sense. He felt as if he could barely move. This was freaking him out.

He hadn't had a blackout in ages. This was just wrong. He knew. He didn't come here to be in a motel room with a stranger. He needed to find Syd. There was something he was going to ask her. Sort of a one shot deal. Come back with him now, or..or..what was he going to do?

He forgot. His teeth gnashed then as he looked at Liz. What had she done to him? This had to be her doing. He didn't even know who she was.

Kip stumbled around and went to the bathroom. He peed. He felt a little better, but maybe a shower would even be better. He yawned. as he turned on the hot water and undressed, letting the hot water hit him in the chest. Still he felt out of it. Not a clue what was going on. His beard was more scruffy than he remembered.

Of course, as soon as he got out. A chill came over him, and he thought he might freeze to death. Maybe he really was sick. Maybe he had done something awful. What if Liz had helped him do something awful?

He had the towel around him. Shivering, he went to shake Liz awake.

"Whats going on?" He demanded.

Her eyes opened as if she might scream.

"Well, good morning to you too." She slightly fretted. "You were all happy before, and now you are really...bad." She scowled. She got up to go to the bathroom.

"What?" Kip winced.

She came back out with his buttoned down shirt on.

"You said I was the best you ever had!" She shot back as if that had to be the reason why she was wearing an engagement ring on her hand.

"What are you talking about." He scowled.

"Oh, don't play dumb with me. We were having a good time. Now you're like Mr. Hyde, or something." She scowled back.

"A good time? Where?" He wanted to know.

"At the casino!"

"What Casino?" He winced.

"In Council Bluffs." She looked at him seriously. "You made out of there at the first casino, 20,000." She smiled.

"Where's the money?" He stared at her.

"Well, you bought me the ring, then we got the room." She shrugged with a smile.

"So we're not married?" He shook his head.

"No, just engaged. We just thought we'd wear them, you know. Get used to it." She nodded.

"So there's no money?" Kip sat down, wobbly on the bed.

"Yes, there's money." She laughed as she went to get her bag. She opened it. And there all the cash was. "You won even more at the second casino." Liz sat next to him on the bed.

"You're sure we didn't rob a bank?" Kip looked at her. There were so many pieces to the puzzle he couldn't put together. What was the catch?

"No, silly, you're like a genius with numbers." She told him. Liz kissed him on the lips then. Oddly, he did remember her kiss, but the rest of it was still a blur.


Ivyoaks said...

Liz is a bit psycho. Is she good or evil?

Cafe Fashionista said...

For some reason I can't help but to think of Bonnie & Clyde. And Liz is definitely taking advantage here. :/

meg said...

I feel bad for Kip.

fan fic said...

wow..that was something. What a whirlwind something.

Anonymous said...

(to your comment: I didn't even try on the clothes, that's how disappointed I was. XD I need to start reading your story from the beginning; I never have time)
Have a great day!

elliestories said...

poor Kip!

Meg said...

Wow, poor Kip is so confused!

Anonymous said...

Hey I can't believe she did that.