Wednesday, March 31, 2010

on a bright sunny day

It was so unexpected. But wasn't that the way it was? Lon thought now. He and Ellie had finally gotten away. Together. And there was so much to take in. It was an adventure. In Austin. But it felt cut short. Having to go back to the funeral.

And there was her mother. Her sister too. Naturally, Ellie was shocked to see her sister not bring her husband to the funeral. But someone else. Someone else was helping her with the twins.

"What do you mean? That's not her husband?" Lon had never met him. He'd actually, talked to guy. Of course, he didn't know his name. There had been small talk about the weather and Austin. It was just talk. Lon felt bad that he hadn't paid more attention.

"No, how could she do that?" It made Ellie all the more upset. He didn't ask why. He had his hands full with Charlie.

As it was, he knew Charlie had grown on his Dad. Lonnie got to spend some time with him. Even Lonnie and Steph had taken him for a day or so. She wasn't due with their baby until next month. Yet no one brought up the fact that Charlie needed to be with Lonnie, his real father. No one talked about it. Lon wasn't going to bring it up.

It seemed everything was so somber and cold now. Even if the winds were warm across the prairie. There was still a chill of winter in the air. And it was there after the funeral Lon really knew how Ellie's Mom felt about him when Ellie brought up the question about her Great Aunt's place.

"Well, I don't know why you want to know!" Her mother snapped. "No way in hell're giving it to Lon Love."

Ellie just winced.

"What are you talking about it?" Ellie shook her head. "I don't want it. I meant her things. I thought maybe I could have a picture of your family or something. You know, one of those old pictures."

Her mother just fumed without an answer. Lon looked at her mom a bit alarmed. All this time he thought that she liked him.

"Honestly, I don't want this farm. Really." Lon hoped Ellie understood that.

"I know. Of course, I believe you." Ellie hugged him later, in tears. She was upset. Her Mom made this whole ordeal unbearable.

"Maybe, she's just taking all this harder than, you know." Lon had tried to console Ellie, but he was really beginning to think her Mom was quite a bitch, at heart. A cold one at that. It was so unnerving. And how she acted around her own family that had shown up. "Maybe you should visit with some of her relatives." Lon winced.

"I don't even know these people." And she didn't. They were all strangers to her. He put his arm around her. He just wanted to go home and be their little family. Truly, they didn't need to be a part of any of this.


blue hearts said...

I'm glad Lon has come to her aid. I don't seems a lot of moms have these problems when it comes to these situations.

lily said...

so terrible that her mom would have to be that way. hopefully, she's not that bad.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's obvious that Ellie's true family is Lon - he's the one who really cares for her. :)

Winnie said...

What a shame her mom upset her like that!

meg said...

Its a very sad and angry time.

Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad he's there for her.

fan fic said...

Lon is good with Ellie.