Sunday, March 28, 2010

on the brink

Eric called in sick. He came quickly as he could, to see what was up with Amanda's frantic phone call. Basically, all he could manage out of it... was that he needed to come over. Something was wrong with Evan. He had to get to Amanda's.

The door was wide open. A cold breeze chilled the house. He called for Amanda. The living-room lights were on. Something was in the microwave. It blinked END.

"Hello!" Eric called. "Amanda!" He went from the kitchen to the first room that was important to him. There was Evan laying still on his back.

Eric stared at him for a moment. Evan was so quiet. Eric was afraid to touch him. What if....

Evan's lips twitched then as if he might be nursing in a dream.

Eric thought he might choke on his own phlegm then. Eric, slightly nervous, picked up the baby and held him in his arms. He felt himself shaking all over. The fear of the baby not breathing made his nose water. How could she have just left him? Alone.

He heard someone in the house then. She probably went to the neighbors. Thought she could have a laugh. Who would just let their child alone like this? Who? Amanda, that's who.

Eric looked over his shoulder then to see Kyle standing there, holding Rosie.

"Where is she?" Kyle asked.

"I dunno." Eric could barely managed to say. "She's not here." He shook his head.

Kyle licked his dry lips.

"We have to find her!" He said.

"You find her, I'm taking Evan with me." Eric glared at him.

"Maybe you should." Kyle agreed.

"She left him alone, Kyle." Eric cringed. "How could she do something like that?"

"I dunno." Kyle sighed.

Eric heard a car door slam then. It was Elliot, who hurried in.

"What's going on?" He looked at the both of them when he came into the nursery.

"Its Amanda." Eric told him. "She's not here. She left Evan home, alone."

Elliot just winced as if he couldn't believe it.

"Did she say anything to you?" Kyle asked.

"I-I didn't think-" Elliot shrugged. "I didn't think anything of it. I guess."

"Like what?"

"She's been so tired. She can't sleep." Elliot told them.

"Well, I'm taking Evan home with." Eric told them both.

Elliot nodded as if he couldn't stop him. "I'll call 911."

Eric supposed he'd have to stick around for questions. He hated that this had to be so complicate.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-lets hope they can track Amanda down.

Have a lovely Sunday my dear!

FashionJazz said...

Hope u are having a lovely wknd! xx

fan fic said...

That was kind of scary. I'm glad Eric found him OK.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so glad that Evan is okay; but I'd love to hear Amanda's reasoning for leaving him alone! :/

meg said...

I hope she's OK. This is an interesting developement about Eric. I kept thinking he wouldn't have much to do with Evan..and now..comes this.

Meg said...

That's terrible. I'm glad someone's taking care of Evan!