Monday, March 29, 2010

a place to stay

Syd felt as if the air had been knocked out of her. The news about Amanda not there was unbelievable. Eric had called her when it happened. At least now they had  Rosie's crib set up in the extra room next to their bedroom. According to Kyle, she didn't need it anymore. Rosie had her little pink princess bed now.

Naturally, Olivia had worked as quickly as she could to get the room set up. Really, she had everything you'd need to take care of a baby. Of course, Kyle came with diapers and anything else he could find either at Elliot's or his house. And Eric's parents came to for extra support. They seemed happy that she was there, but still Syd wasn't sure if it were true. She wasn't going to dwell on. All that matter now was that Evan was safe now. They left when things simmered down.

It looked as if everything was OK about Eric having Evan. He was his father. Family services were not going to take Evan away, which she knew was a big relief to Eric. He'd been scared during the interrogation, and had held Evan the whole time. She knew he could barely keep his eyes open now.

"You're sure nobody gave you a hard time?" She watched Evan now, wide awake watching the mobile turn to the tune of "Shout" by Tears for Fears.

"Not yet." Eric sighed, but he was sad and red eyed. "God, I don't want anything to happen to him. I don't." He put his hands around Syd as he stood behind her. She felt his weary body lean against hers for strength. It was a comfort. She hoped she could help instead of being a burden.

"I know you don't. He'll be fine. You'll see." She turned and gave him a hug.

"Yeah, but-but you don't think they'd put him Foster care, do you?" He was so sullen, perhaps bitter with Amanda. Syd wanted to be on his side, but she felt frightened for Amanda too. Where was she? Why hadn't she talked to any of them about how she felt?

"Why would they?" She winced. He'd talked to all sorts of people about this incident. Syd was just happy that Evan had slept through most of it.

"It just scares me. But I want him with me. I don't want Amanda to have him. Obviously, she doesn't want him." He hugged himself then, nursing his bottom lip as he watched over Evan. "When I found him, I-I really thought she might have done something to him, you know. I did." He shivered, slightly.

Syd hugged him again and he put his arms around her. She hoped they found Amanda. Syd hoped she didn't try to hurt herself.


Holly said...

I'm glad they are all there for Evan. & she seems really supportive.

Cafe Fashionista said...

What Amanda did was wrong; but I'm still worried about her! :/

Ivyoaks said...

Well, I'm glad everyone is getting in on the action about Evan. Now to find Amanda. Right?

lily said...

Syd's so good. I hope Eric knows that.