Saturday, April 17, 2010

another brick in the wall

Liz was keeping busy. Work was a headache as usual, but none the less it was work, and she had plenty of time for over-time. But she'd missed Bridget's birthday and boy, did Bridget let her know over the phone about her feelings on the occasion.

"We'll, do something." Liz promised. She guessed this meant getting her sister drunk at a club and taking her home. Of course, Stan would be along. He never had a chance to get drunk with her so she promised she'd be the designated driver. It was hard being Bridget's sister because Bridget seldom did anything in return. But she was so happy go lucky, Liz guessed and well, she had to appreciate that, some how.

As it was, she heard from Kip every night. Right before bed. It was sort of nice. Actually. At least, he wanted to know how her day was. She'd ask about his. See, it was the next best thing to being there. She didn't dare want to miss him, but she might. He was a reason to change. She wanted to. He gave her a reason not to go out after work. When asked by anyone if there was someone..well, there was certainly someone. She just wasn't telling. She'd never give details or they might think she was crazy. Liz didn't even want to think about it. But she had drugged Kip. Possibly, done the unthinkable. You couldn't go to jail for that, could you?

Well, she was in thought about that. Maybe they should have gotten the marriage annulled. She winced, thinking what a bad person she was. So bad. She was in the midst of a panic attack when the doorbell rang.

Of course, she instantly put on her happy face when she saw Eric and Syd at the door. They had the baby with them.

"Isn't he adorable." She had to get a good look at the infant in the carseat. "Can I hold him? Please?" She was all smiles.

"He's sleeping." Eric looked at her wide eyed and in just a moment Evan was awake looking at Liz. She was going to hold him. She was.

So there she had Evan in her arms, cooing and the like as if they'd done her a favor. As if they were going to make her his Godmother.

Syd cleared her throat.

"Did you ever hear anything from Kip?" Syd asked.

"Kip?" She shook her head, no.

"Jesus, Liz, we could be back in our apartment, you know."  Eric winced as if she'd done it this time.

"But, but, its so much more homey and cozy over at Roger's, isn't it?" She looked at both of them.

"Well, the bed is nice." Syd did have to admit.

"See, you two deserve more room. Right?" She smiled. "Look, I'll pay for this place and at Roger's too. OK?" Why hadn't she thought of it sooner?

"No, we couldn't." Eric shook his head.

"I insist." Liz looked at him wide eyed. "Think of it as a gift. You know, til you two get settled."

Evan was getting fussy then so Syd took the baby from her. Immediately, Evan was at ease on Syd's shoulder. It was then that Syd caught Liz's hand. "What's this?"

"Oh. God, I just wear it to work, you know." She smiled. "Its nothing."

"Its so pretty." Syd smiled as she looked over the wedding ring set.

"Yeah, I just saw it. I was like, why not." Liz was being silly now. She knew. "So anything else happening?" She wanted to know.

"Not really." Eric shrugged.

"Well, Amanda's is in the hospital." Syd told her.

"Oh, God, is she OK?" Liz had never met her, but Liz did want to be a part of this circle of friends even if it were a bit part.

"She doesn't want to be around Evan." Eric said rather dully.


"And Olivia broke up with Roger." Syd nodded.

"She did?" Liz glared at Syd. "What about Ravi?"

"What about him?" Eric looked at her. "He's with Olivia, now."

"Olivia." Liz tried not to wince. She always knew there was reason why she hated her.


the oaks said...

so she admits she hates Olivia.

meg said...

Liz with the baby thinking thye'd trust her with him. I dunno. Liz could be kind freaky.

Paradoxical Enigma said...

Thanks for the note!

Yeah, I was really mad at the time I wrote it because I had gotten kicked out of the debate team because my teammates and I didn't see eye to eye. Anyway, they're going for some debate championship and I'm bitterly jealous. I'll have to go back to boarding school tomorrow, which kind of sucks.

I haven't been able to catch up with your story though, and this holiday is pretty short. I thought I could wind down, but it's been a busy weekend. Maybe I'll read up on it during the next holiday, which would be in early June.

Have a great weekend. Cheers!

cass and cady said...

that was genrous of Liz. But still..gotta wonder. I dunno about her and Kip.

fan fic said...

I wish Liz would come clean with Eric and Syd.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe the fact that Liz finally admitted to hating Olivia will kind of free her from being so angry. :/

By the way..."YA Quentin Tarintino." That is the absolute best description I have ever read of a film. I may need to see it now!! :)

Meg said...

I can't let myself trust Liz.

Ivyoaks said...

Liz could be pretty strange.

lily said...

Liz has issues.