Friday, April 16, 2010

nostalgia in my heart

Roger was pretty proud of himself. He'd gone to the show alone. Nothing was going to stop him from wanting to go to a show, well after midnight. Even if he were alone. Alone. A shiver ran through him, even if the room was hot and everyone was standing around getting into the groove of the dude, ripping it out on his electric guitar while the lights danced in the dark. Good times.

His cell vibrated in his back pocket. Roger jerked it out just to see Kelsey had texted him.

cnt sleep. wh u d'n?

Roger winced at the text. He rolled his eyes. Ever since he told her he'd broken up with Olivia, she kept calling and texting, everyday. He shook his head. This was not what he wanted. He shut his phone completely off, to put it back in his back pocket. Except the cell fell in the floor. Somewhere in the massive feet.

"Fuck." He reached for it then and his forehead crashed hard with someone else's.

"DUDE, I'M SO SORRY." Someone did their best to apologize, in spite of the horrid decimal noise.

"Its OK." Roger looked at the lean dishwater blond guy in his DON'T EAT MEAT T-shirt. He had Roger's cell. Their forearms touched. Instantly, Roger thought he might pass out. He grabbed Roger's arm before he fell back.

It was then the stranger pulled him out of the mosh pit before he got caught in it. He still had his phone, too. Finally, they got back to where the T-shirt and CDs were being sold.

"Doyle." He leaned into his ear and said, perhaps shouting. But at least, Roger could sort of hear him. He shook Roger's hand then and gave him his cell.

Roger introduced himself.

"I hope you didn't get a concussion." Doyle stared at him, intently.

"I'm fine." Roger felt his fingertips on his forehead just to make sure there wasn't a bump on his head. "Are you OK?"

"Yeah, I am." He just grinned at Roger. They talked about the band as if it would be a good thing to do in this almost awkward situation. They looked at the CDs which were cheaper that the T-shirts on sale.

Doyle bought one for Roger so the guy at the cash register could keep the twenty.

"Its good show." Doyle nodded.

"Yeah, pretty good." Roger still found himself staring at Doyle. He wished he could stop, but he just couldn't.

The band, Romeo's Heart was mainly screamo music with the occasional pop tune in the mix. Yet, it was a playlist you'd never hear on the radio.

"Well, I better be going." Doyle shrugged.

"Uh." Roger wasn't sure how to ask. "Do you mind?" Roger got out his cell. He hated the thought of not ever seeing Doyle again.

"Oh." Doyle smiled. "Sure." He gave Roger his so he could punch in his number under contacts. "You never know, you might hear about this band before I do or you know, somebody just as good."

"Yeah, and you'd let me know?" Roger put in his name and number for Doyle. Roger so wanted to rip that silly grin off his face, but he couldn't. Maybe this was a moment or the moment before he got to that moment. He wasn't sure.

Before he knew it, they were out in the cold of the parking lot in a fine mist, dampening them. They leaned against the side of Roger's car as if it was not an option to get inside. Doyle told him he was in a band in high school. Roger then admitted he was almost in one.

"I'm kind of glad I didn't do it." Roger shrugged.

"What? Too much work?" Doyle almost laughed.

"I really wasn't that good." Roger sighed.

"Hey, if you want to try... sometime," Doyle said, looking Roger over. "Call me."

Roger just nodded. Not sure if they were being gay or straight with each other. Doyle shoved his hands in his pockets and walked away into the night. Roger just watched, trying to decipher if there were any signals to go on.


meg said...

Good thing his phone was OK. That was kind of out there. And his thoughts about Doyle. =D

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! Roger's thoughts came completely out of left-field. I was never expecting him to think of something like that! :/

the oaks said...

just when he said he wouldn't. must have been electric!

Winnie said...

It was nice to do his bit and buy some of the merchandise.

Doyle is definitely an interesting character...

Meg said...

Doyle seems interesting. I wonder what will happen...