Thursday, April 22, 2010

in the undertow

Ellie had never held a baby quite that tiny. It had been so long ago when she was around her sister's twins and Lisa didn't want anyone to touch them. But Eric was handing the baby right over, proud as he could be. He was all smiles. So was Syd. It was strange being in this nursery that she and Lon had painted yellow not that long ago. And here it was being used as a nursery, again.

"Wow, he's so strong." Ellie grinned. His blueberry eyes looked up at her taking her in. His fingers were so tiny, and he was such an infant, compared to Charlie who was a bundle of energy always on the war path. He crawled on the coffee table now. Jumped off the couch. He had even managed to pull all the drawers out on the kitchen and climbed on top of the kitchen counter. Ellie hated to admit all his feats she'd watched. And now she was with a very sweet little thing who stayed in his bed.

She was afraid Charlie would hurt the baby if he were near it so he hadn't came with her to see Evan.

"Just wait-" She started to say something about Charlie, but she was beginning to think he might not be typical. He was hyper. But he was rather social. Although, he did like to throw things, hit stuff, people too. At least he hadn't bit anyone yet. She wished she hadn't thought of that. She just knew it would happen now.

"Well, he's beautiful." Ellie went ahead to say as she watched Evan suck at his fist.

"Oh, he has his moments." Eric told her. "He passes gas really well too."

Syd laughed then.

"So everything else going OK?" She'd heard about Amanda, but she didn't want to ask about her.

"Yeah, being really lazy. Hopefully, we can start taking walks since its starting to warm up more." Syd suggested.

"Yeah, we should. We really should." Ellie liked the idea. She wanted to go to summer classes at the university. And she hoped Charlie got back into daycare.  Really, it was hard to keep a balance of everything in her life. But Ellie kept trying. And as beat as Eric looked, he was quite happy. Syd was so happy too. She really thought of them as a couple of now. As if they'd been together for a long time instead of a short while.


SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-what a year, they both have little ones to care for now!!

Sara Lynn said...

I love how you used "blueberry eyes", that is just perfect! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Eric truly seems like the perfect father. :)

fan fic said...

I do think Eric's grown up a lot.

meg said...

I love seeing Eric this way.

misty said...

wow, things are really changing.

lily said...

The baby sounds so adorable.

Winnie said...

Oh wow, major new part of her life starting right here!

Aury said...

I just love babies like you would not believe! Great post!!!