Thursday, April 29, 2010

one pain after another

Lon had a lot on his mind ever since seeing that picture of Ellie's cousin, Reese. The picture with Reese and her daughter. Seriously, he thought he was about to have a heart-attack when he saw them. He hated this feeling that he was a liar of some kind. Was he? Did he just conveniently forget?

He thought on it for sometime. Where had they met?

Yes, he did know her one summer. He was sixteen. Just a summer at his Dad's. He had to go square dancing that summer which he really hated. But he remembered Reese from the pool. Yeah, it had been hot that summer, and he did his best not to help his dad out, anyway possible. Yeah, swimming. And Reese.

Lon just about had a spasm right now. Not knowing. But it was highly possible, he'd been a Dad for years now, and he didn't even know it. This just made him sick to his stomach. Well, something was happening to him. Really, it felt as if something raw had shot through his body. He'd had a little ache then when he started thinking about Reese weeks ago. But here it was happening, again. He laid back on the couch in the livingroom. And remained quiet. He didn't even remember breaking up with Reese. He just had to go home. Back to his mother's in Dallas. He hadn't even said good-bye. How could he have done such a thing? They'd had so much fun on the 4th. They'd kissed under the fireworks at the park. He never did know what she brought in that picnic basket. It had been so fast and intense. The sex. He thought he knew exactly what he wanted. Well, he knew what he wanted, and he got it. And, he barely remembered the sex now. He squinted hard. Was he drunk? Kind of. He always was a bit drunk. He was bad-ass then. When, wasn't he? His thoughts of her rolled again and again in his mind. But it was so vague and sad.

"We have a werewolf in the neighborhood." Ellie woke him up.

"What?" Lon looked up at her. A fowl word almost fell out of his mouth, but he saw her with Charlie on her hip. He was almost bigger than Ellie.

"Just look out the window." She pointed. He sat up and looked. Yes, some kid in a read plaid shirt had a gray wolf head on and wolf clawed gloves. He was chasing kids around, howling.

"Are you OK?" He asked then.

"As long as he doesn't show up in our bedroom while I'm asleep, sure, I'll be fine." She told him.

Charlie was starting to fuss. His legs were waving about. Just then, Charlie bit Ellie's bare shoulder. He bit blood.

"Shit!" Lon let slip. He grabbed him then. "When did he start this?" He looked at Ellie's shoulder. She flinched, clinching. She was in pain.

"Charlie!" Lon looked at him. He knew if he said another word it might not be nice. He wanted to swat his butt so bad, but he didn't. "You can't do that. You've hurt Mommy. You wouldn't want someone to bite you, would you?"

Naturally, he didn't get an answer as he went to get a wash cloth with warm water in the kitchen. He carried him in one arm and checked out Ellie's wound. This would definitely not be a good time to bring up Reese.

He took a good look at the teeth marks Charlie had left. Suddenly, he couldn't stand up straight. The shooting pain in his back made him squint hard. He didn't know if he was going to make it back to the couch or not.

"I think you better call someone." He could barely breath. He needed to get to the emergency room.


kirstyb said...

keep it coming xxxxx

so jade said...

Funny about the werewolf..and then the bite. Hope Lon is all right.

Ailee Verzosa said...

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Care to visit my newest post, THANK YOU!

izzy and dev said...

I so love this wacky moment. Interesting.

Syed (dapper kid) said...

Oh snap, well he probably needs to come clean about Reese at some time, but now is probably not the best time!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wow! That is strange. A little paranormal action!! :)

jeremy's turn said...

Kind of a surreal moment.

fan fic said...

That would be so odd. I hope he's ok.

meg said...

wow, so out there. you just never know what little kids might do.

the oaks said...

it sounds like a very bad dream.

♡♥-$u.™♥♡ said...

Ha (:
Thanks for thee coment.