Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Punch Drunk Love

Knock me out
Hit me with your punch-drunk love
Got me figured out, girl
It's not a enough, it's not enough

Knock me out
Hit me 'till you just can't stop
What you're all about
Girl, just hit me with your punch-drunk love
-the summer set

Kip was back at work. It felt kind of like a bad dream now. Sort of. He guessed. Really, nothing had changed much. Except, he was home alone now. Had the place to himself. But work was work and he still had a job, but if he mentioned what he'd done, he was pretty sure he wouldn't have a job. Besides, he was suppose to be on the straight and narrow. How were you suppose to help people with real problems when maybe your own were worse than there's.

"So did you get that thing taken care of?" Karen his co-work asked as she was piling him up with case files again.

"What problem?" Kip felt he was in a fog. He squinted hard then. "Yeah, oh that, got it done." He tried to smile as he nodded. He looked at her with his boyish charm.

"What have you done?" She saw the ring on his finger. He was debating if he should wear it or not. He'd forgotten completely about it.

Kip choked on a laugh then. Did he really want to explain this?

"Well," he thought of what Liz had said. They'd met on the Internet. That should buy him time. "Uh, I did something crazy. See-" He could feel her words on her tongue. Her looking at him as if she'd somehow hypnotized him. "I got married."

"You  and Syd got married?" Karen was ecstatic.

"No." He shoved Syd's photo into his desk. He didn't even have a picture of Liz. "Um, I met her on the Internet, a long time ago. We've been friends forever. She doesn't live here. And, well, we really hit off when I went to see her. And, and she's coming this summer." Naturally, neither of them had thought that far along. But he did want to see her, again. He did. He wished he didn't, but Liz kind of kept him going. Funny, he never thought a long distance marriage might last, but it just might.


the oaks said...

that would just be strange.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-wouldn't it be good if it works out for them!!

Have a great week my dear!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Long-distance relationships are hard enough; but a long-distance marriage? Yikes! :/

anna and jeremy said...

wow, this'll be interesting to see if it works.

fan fic said...

so so strange.

Winnie said...

I don't think long-distance marriages really work...but I suppose, we'll find out.

meg said...

I just feel sad for Kip. He seems to be depressed to me. Or something.

lily said...

This would be so tricky. I have a friend that hasn't had that great of luck with this kind of thing.