Wednesday, May 12, 2010

another little bomb

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Roger's Mom called to ask Olivia if they were still coming.

"You know, I can never get a hold of him," his Mom said. "I'm so glad I have you to count on."

Instantly, Olivia felt miserable. What could she say?

"Um, I'm sorry." A part of her wanted to see Roger's Mom. Olivia had fun with her. She felt as if she were with a real Mom. Not like her own who had an agenda to cling to. "Roger and I broke up."

"Oh, no." She heard the sadness in his mother's voice. "What did he do?"

"Look, we're still friends. I'm still at the house. Just not with him." As Olivia said that she felt slightly jilted by her so-called life. It wasn't like she was invited to come back home. She was on her own now. And she guessed that was the real reason why Roger let her stay. She didn't have a credit card. Doubted she could even afford a place on her own. No car. She'd be homeless if she wasn't here. "Everything is OK."

She supposed this would not be good time to mention Doyle. Although, she didn't think Doyle had spent the night. She'd never brought up Roger's little tendencies.

"The kids were so excited about you guys coming." His mom then mentioned.

"I feel so bad about this now." Olivia felt the worst person ever. She didn't even see her own folks for Mother's day. They were back in the Phillipines with the orphanage.

"Its OK. You were really good for Roger. You really were. I'll miss you." She told Olivia.

Olivia found herself wanting to tell her that she'd come without Roger, but she saw Ravi when she looked up, there in the room with her... and well, she couldn't. She just couldn't.

"There's someone here to see you." Ravi told her after she got off the phone.

"Me?" Olivia winced.

"Yeah, a relative of yours or something." Ravi put his arm around her and kissed her forehead as if she wouldn't have to do this alone.

Olivia smiled to his warmth. She supposed her real sister was here. Well, half-sister, or so her great Aunt had told her.


kirstyb said...

oh the drama x

jeremy's turn said...

wonder who it could be???

so jade said...

so love the bed pic. aw, I feel for Olivia..but I'm glad Ravi is there.

Sootjeelina said...

You write amazing :D
BTW, thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it :D

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

rouli said...

i want to be in this bed now!!!!!!!

in order to sleep or whatever!!!

thanx for comm:))

Cafe Fashionista said...

You cannot leave me hanging like this. I'm DYING to know who's there!! :)

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Olivia! :(

I hope your friends get in touch with you soon, and that they are okay!


the oaks said...

I so want that bed too. oh, who could it be????

the oaks said...

I want to make that quilt so bad. Oh, I feel sad for Olivia. I hope its a good surprise.

Ivy's interview with Jordan. said...

Hey, I got to ask Jordon some questions..thought I'd send you the link...

Em [the writer] said...

Wow, being gone again has left me behind.
maybe a recap?

Holly said...

wow, that would be a shock..and to have that phone call with Roger's Mom. Can't wait to see who this is.

meg said...

I feel bad she had to tell his Mom about their breakup..then to have someone at the door..what could that be about???

simon and josh said...

I feel Olivia is being left out in the cold with that family of hers.