Tuesday, May 4, 2010

in a daze

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Lon thought he was dying. He'd never felt so awful in his life. So much pain. He almost passed a kidney stone. Almost. Of course, there was the Lazar surgery to take care of it. He wasn't sure he'd listened to anything being said at the time. Of course, he wasn't sure he was making sense, either. He was sure Ellie thought he'd lost it.

"Did you show them what happened?' He asked now, more concerned about her bite than him. He was resting a little while longer in the hospital bed. Soon, he'd be home.

"Its nothing." She winced.

"People are going start thinking I'm the one who did that to you." It was a nasty bite. All black and purplish. He winced then.

"I'll be fine." She had Charlie with her. He was getting to be a handful.

"Sorry, I sounded so crazy." Really, he wanted to forget what he said, but he wasn't sure if Ellie would let him.

"Its OK." Ellie smiled as Charlie tried to get away from her. "He missed you, you know." Naturally, Charlie leaned over so he could grab Lon for a hug and gave him a slobbering kiss.

"Seriously, we need to talk." But he'd wait til they got home. No need to bring it up here.

"You need to rest." She pulled Charlie back so she could hold him.

"I don't guess you could get your Mom or someone to keep him for, I dunno, the weekend." Lon shrugged.

"You know, you couldn't let him out of your sight, that long." She shook her head.

"I know, but we need some us time." He told her.

"OK." Ellie could see he was serious. "I'll call Kyle. They could probably take him a couple of days."

"Yeah, maybe Kyle's Mom can tell us if we have anything to worry about with Charlie or not." It had never really donned on him until now about how active he was.


so jade said...

They do need some time for each other.

Nicole Jarecz said...

great read :)

kirstyb said...

fab as always xxxx

Fenny said...

fab story. I love it.

Sara Lynn said...

Poor Lon :(

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that if they don't have "us" time soon, their relationship could be doomed. :/

Sudenly-Me said...

thanks for comment !
i don't know , i would say Marion Cottilard , who plays ine the movie " la môme " .
I don't know for french films, sorry !

meg said...

Yeah, they definitely need some alone time.

Giselle said...

Ouch. Very good. :)

izzy and dev said...

Yeah, they do need time to talk everything out.