Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She's bound to run amok

We're bound to wait all night
She's bound to run amok
Invested enough in it any how
To each his own
The garden needs sorting out
She curls her lips on the bow
I don't know if I'm dead or not
To anyone
-Broken Bells

Liz had to admit, the texting was better than she thought it would be with Kip. They could spend hours texting each other at work, through the day. It gave her something to smile about, even if it were a happy face he sent her half the time, it made her laugh inside.

Maybe that's how it worked. A relationship. Being there for each other in kind of a silly way. But was it love? Those late night phone calls just to find out what the other had for dinner. Learning what their favorite TV shows were and how ridiculous had LOST gotten in the final season.

                                                   We ♥ It

Maybe it was. She thought so. This need to hear from him. But then Kip called.

"I want you  to come up." He sounded happy about that. "I got you a ticket and everything."

"I dunno." She felt stumped, somehow. It was going so well. Hadn't they been together enough?

"My Mom's birthday is coming up, and I want you to meet her. Besides, you haven't been to my place yet." He explained.

"Well, I've seen your place, sort of." If only by Skype on his laptop.

"Come on, please." He begged and she didn't mind hearing him say it.

"Just for the weekend." She supposed she could at least do that. No one would care. Not even her sister. But it felt so strange that someone would want her to be a part of his life. It just didn't seem real. Not until now. But Liz kept staring at her wedding band. It was true. This was real. She had to get with the program. Even if she was afraid, it would mean losing him in the process. It was hard to have a happy outlook on this. She'd gotten the prize somehow, but had no idea how to use it.


rouli said...

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like ur posts!!!

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Dressing Up For Me said...

You´re stories are quite intriguing.I wonder what happens next to both of them. ;)

kirstyb said...

love it as always xxxx

degrassi after hours said...

Liz is one odd chick. She should be on edge.

jeremy's turn said...

Maybe she feels bad for what she did to him?

fan fic said...

When I read this, it makes me think so much how it is these days..constantly staying in contact by texting or something. It has its pros and cons. But now that he wants her to really be a part of his family..I gotta wonder if she'll back out.

Cafe Fashionista said...

As fun as texting and talking on the phone is, a relationship is fully incomplete if you can't feel the same comfort in person. If she really cares about Kip, I think she needs to see him face to face. :)

meg said...

Oh, goodness. Hope she's not in over her head.

simon n josh said...

she has to at least try.

axel said...

I hope she gives it a chance.

Winnie said...

Texting is all well and good but she's got to be able to talk to him in real life!

Meg said...

If she loved him, she would jump at the chance to see him.