Saturday, May 22, 2010

new challenges

Ian had met Eric at the park. Of course, Eric was happy to see him. He really needed an extra person to keep up with Charlie.

"How do you do it?" Ian was already tired, but for the most part, all Eric had to do was tell Charlie to come here, and he did at the park.

"Don't ask questions like that." Eric shook his head. "I have no idea what I'm doing right."

"Yeah." Ian just nodded. He was sad. Cami had broken up with him and well, he had to talk to someone about her. "I have no idea what I did wrong."

"Maybe you did nothing wrong." Eric told him. "Maybe it was time for it to be over."

Ian wished he could see it that way, but he couldn't. Instead he'd cried for three days straight since school had been out. He hadn't eaten or done much of anything. Except do this. Go see Eric.

"She got this job at camp." Ian told him.

"See, she wants you to have a fun summer. She'll be busy." Eric stated the fact.

"I guess." But he was miserable.

"I just don't know if I can live without her." He was blue.

"Don't tell me you just said that." Eric winced.

"Well, you were that way." Ian looked at him. He remembered how Eric was wanting to get back with Olivia last summer. Then how miserable he was over Syd wondering if she cared about him or not.

"No, I wasn't." Eric didn't believe him. He swooped up Charlie in his arms before he got away to a slide that was too big for him.

"I dunno what to do." He looked at Eric who handed over Charlie.

"Here, you ready for something like this?" Eric gave him an even lip.

"What?" Ian winced, holding Charlie who just looked at Ian as if he might have some fun with him.

"Look, I know you were serious with Cami, but you're young. You're really young and you should be enjoying more out of life, than thinking you have to have a girlfriend to take up most of it. The thing is, you've got to find your passion. What ever that might be, do something. Don't mope around wondering what you did wrong. Just find something you have a passion about, as long as its not building bombs or rockets and stalking individuals, you should be fine." Eric took Charlie back from him and then said. "That's all I got. Lecture over." Besides Ian was going to be spending a few days with them because Eric's Mom wanted him to get out of the apartment.


Ailee Verzosa said...

new challenges? i love facing new challenges, it makes me stronger...

fan fic said...

Every break up is hard, but the first one, that can really set you back.

SR@MyStyle said...

Hi there-wise words from Eric, lets hope Ian takes it on board.

Have a lovely weekend my dear!

meg said...

oh, wise now.

the oaks said...

boys can get so emotional..a lot more than we think in a breakup.

Holly said...

Hopefully, he'll listen to

simon and josh said...

Its good to have a big brother to talk too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

It's surprising to see how emotional a boy can be over a breakup. :/

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