Friday, May 21, 2010

told you so

It felt good to get back into a routine of things. Olivia, had a nice time with her Dad. They'd taken in museums and art galleries. She couldn't believe they liked so much of the same things. He was a teacher at a prison, and he taught creative writing at a college, too. Really, he was so much different than she imagined. Well, she hadn't imagined anyone. Honestly, she felt blessed to know him. In spite of the sorted details of how she came about. Being someone's love child was the last she'd ever thought of herself.

All this time, she thought her real family hadn't wanted her because of her cracked cleft pallet that grew back together which meant operations and ear tubes and so many doctor appointments. She was a sick child, growing up. Although, she never thought of herself quite like that. But they had pretty much thought her hearing would go and so would her voice, so she had been ready, most of her life, with sign language. As she thought about it, while making dinner, she thought she was pretty fortunate to have so much in this world.

"I know something." Roger sneaked up on Olivia while she was peeling carrots. He snatched a piece of carrot.

"What?" He had broken all thoughts of how happy she was.

"I'm not suppose to tell." He looked up at the ceiling as if a personal angel was telling him not to talk.

"You know you will, spill it." She looked at him seriously.

"Ellie's pregnant."

"What?" It was more of a shout. Olivia put down the carrot and peeler. This couldn't be because she knew for a fact that Ellie had enough to deal with. with just Charlie. She'd always made it a point that she'd never end up like her sister who had to get married. But Olivia supposed that had all changed. Ellie was married, but she thought Ellie wanted to wait at least for the next five years or so. She was just a kid herself. She might have been almost 19 but Ellie looked all of 15. It couldn't be.

"I just don't know if its in the water or what, but you should be extra careful, you might be next." He teased.

"Can I kick you where it hurts now?" She gave him a frown.

"What?" He looked at her innocently. "I think its true, anyway about Ellie."

"She either is or she isn't?" Olivia reminded him.

"That's just it, I think that's what she said. I'm pretty sure. But she was crying." Roger explained. "But you can't tell. OK. You can't tell anyone, I told you this." He looked at her seriously as he chewed on the carrot.

"What can't she tell?"

 Olivia looked over her shoulder and saw that Ravi was there, coming up from the basement.

She gave Roger a look, that he'd really done it this time.


FashionJazz said...

Omg, I wanna know what happens in ur next post : ) hope u have a fab wknd xx

lily said...

He's a tease.

lily said...

He's a tease.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I had a feeling that's what Ellie mumbled yesterday. The question is...good or bad? :/

Missy M said...

oh i cant wait to find out!

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cass and cady said...

Now Roger's gonna get Olivia in trouble.

blue hearts said...

Oh goodness..more than gossip going on.

the oaks said...

cool new header. wow, pink!

Oh, no. Hopefully, it won't be a bad thing for Ellie.

Sootjeelina said...

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xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Sara Lynn said...

How crazy! wow, this is getting better and better!

ayşegül said...

Ohh my god what a beatiful blog.

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axel said...

oh boy...I wonder if it's true.